Wordle # 485 of today Answer, hint and clues for Monday, October 17 Word of the day

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow it creeps in at this petty pace. Words words words.

In high school I was an actor. I went to the theater both during and after school and loved nothing as much as Shakespeare. In my first play, Macbeth, I got the role of Banquo, which was doubly fun since I also became a ghost (Halloween idea: Banquo’s ghost!).

In my second Shakespeare play in high school …Much Ado About Nothing-I was cast in the role of the villain, Don John (Keanu Reeves played the same part in Kenneth Branagh’s film).

Then we stopped doing Shakespeare (officially), so me and a couple of friends got on The complete works of Shakespeare abbreviated, which remains one of my finest theatrical experiences: a hilarious and insane play through every single work of Shakespeare that used audience participation to really great effect. If you ever get the chance to see it performed live, you should jump on it. Is very funny.

We did everything in our free time, after school, with no college credit. However, we managed to sell out on a couple of shows. Quite stupid, I know, but also a highlight of my high school years.

This was before cell phones and social media and all that distracting nonsense, so we had relatively decent attention levels. Video games back then were also slightly less compelling. I miss the 90s.

Then again, we didn’t have things like online writing gigs where you could work from home and write about Wordle! So huzzah to the present!

Today’s Wordle solution (spoiler!)

The suggestion: A practical container for foamy beer.

The Clue: The vowels in this word are back-to-back.

The answer:

This has been a lucky enough day for me, especially as I don’t think I would have guessed the correct answer without everything being exactly in line with my first two assumptions.

Twice it jumped into my head because of the one last night Dragon house. There are a couple of characters named Erryk and Arryk Cargyll. I was thinking Twins but he decided not to and chose twice instead, which was, in hindsight, a wise ploy.

This reduced my options to just 33, with three yellow boxes. For hypothesis two, however, I decided to use all the new letters in hopes of getting the last two. Fortunately for me, both the “S” and the “N” ended up in green squares, which allowed me to arrange my first three letters in the remaining center points.

At this point, there was really only one option left, even though I had forgotten it stein he could mean a “large clay beer mug” and he honestly just associated it at the end of many Hebrew names like Goldstein and Bernstein and so on.

But hey, whether it’s your last name or a frothy mug of ale, that’s okay with me! Huzzah!

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