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Jordan Peele is becoming one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood. Known as a master of horror, Peele is entering a rare territory where he can make almost any film he wants, even if the story isn’t based on existing IP or belongs to a franchise. Only a handful of directors, like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino, possess this power, and Peele is slowly climbing those ranks. His last feature film, Nohelped Peele’s rise to Hollywood’s elite level.

Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer play OJ and Em Haywood, brothers who inherit a horse farm in Hollywood after their father’s tragic death. Convinced their father’s death was no accident, the Haywoods discover an unidentified flying object (UFO) which captures their horses and spits out the remaining debris. The Haywoods enlist the help of a local tech store employee and documentary filmmaker to capture the UFO footage and sell it for a profit.

Where is it streaming?

After its theatrical run, No is coming to a familiar streaming service: Peacock. Launched in 2020, Peacock is home to NBC Universal and Comcast properties such as Universal Pictures, the Olympics, Bravo and Saturday night live.

Peacock is the home of famous NBC shows such as The office, This is us, Law and order, And Brooklyn Nine Nine. The service boasts many sports programming from WWE, the NFL, and the Premier League. Over the course of the year, Peacock expanded its scripted and unscripted original programming, including shows such as Vampire Academy And Doctor Deathand a documentary about Casey Anthony.

When is it streamed for subscribers?

No will begin streaming November 18 on Peacock.

Stream No on Peacock

How much?

There is no cost to enroll in the most basic level of Peacock. No credit card required at registration. All it takes is an email address to give users free access to over 10,000 hours of content. The free tier is very limiting in terms of content. If you want access to more programs from Peacock, there are various paid tiers for you to explore.

Peacock Premium is the first paid tier of the streaming service, with access to over 80,000 hours of entertainment for a price of $5 a month or $50 a year. This level contains ads, but allows users access to new movies and live events. If this tier is too restrictive, users can upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus, which costs $10 a month or $100 a year. Premium Plus includes everything from Premium, but contains no ads and allows users to download and watch programs offline.

Is it worth it?

Keke Palmer in No.

Yes, especially if you love Peele. The official synopsis reads: “Following the shocking death of their father, Hollywood animal wrangler OJ and his sister, Emerald, begin to observe unexplained phenomena on their sprawling Southern California ranch which leads them down an obsessive rabbit hole as they they plan attempts to capture the mystery on camera. Along with a former child star turned family-friendly theme park ringmaster who is close to the siblings, the pair’s efforts to pursue show business soon bring horrifying consequences and unimaginable horror.

Like his previous two films, Go out And WePeele wrote and directed No. Kaluuya, Palmer and Steven Yeun are the three protagonists of the film. Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea and Keith David complete the ensemble.

On rotten tomatoes, No it sits at 82% on the Tomatometer and posts a 69% audience score. On Metacritic, No holds a Metascore of 77 and a User Score of 6.3.

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