What are Facebook stars and should you give them?

There are many ways to pay your favorite creators: via tipping them on OnlyFansusing Super Chat and Super Thanks on Youtubeor adding to their tip jars Tic knock And Tumblr. Monetization is different for each platform and so on Facebook, there is the donation button, Facebook Stars. But when you give with Facebook Stars, you also give to Facebook.

Rocky Kanaka uses her Facebook page to spread awareness of pet adoption and help pay for the animals’ necessary medical bills.

“They are on all platforms, but on Facebook we have assembled a fantastic community that helps us take immediate action when we need to adopt pets or raise money for the life-saving surgeries they need,” Kanaka told Mashable. “We use many of Facebook’s tools to achieve this.”

Kanaka claims to use the donate button to encourage people to donate in various ways: by donating funds directly to shelters; buy monthly $ 5 passes that go to the cause; watch video ads; and giving Facebook Stars.

“I was actually one of the first Facebook pages to have stars over a year ago,” said Kanaka. “I was in the pilot program and immediately knew it was going to be a winning program because it’s really easy for someone to say, ‘You know what, I want to be a part of it. I want to give stars, which equates to money.'”

Users can also support Facebook creators with subscriptions, where users pay a monthly fee and receive a small badge showing they are a supporter that appears next to their name when interacting with the creator. Creators can offer perks such as exclusive content, discounts on merchandise, and access to a supporter-only group for subscribers as well, and can open a store to sell merchandise on the platform. But something about giving the Stars seems like an easy way for many users to support their favorite creators.


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Giving stars is relatively simple. You buy a package from Facebook by going to a creator’s content, tapping the star next to “Write a review …” Your star balance will appear at the top right and you can tap “Buy Stars”, select the desired package and follow the instructions. It’s $ 1 for 75 stars, but 1 star equals 1 cent when you give it. This is because Facebook takes a revenue share when you purchase a Stars package.

“Facebook sells stars in packages of different sizes, and our revenue share is lower on larger packages that offer people the lowest price per star,” Facebook said in an email to Mashable. “Integrated creators receive $ 0.01 per star regardless of which package they were purchased from.”

To star creators, click the star button next to “Write a comment …” You can also type “!” in the comments field and enter the number of stars you want to send. Creators can receive stars from live broadcasts, coilsand videos on request.

So they’re easy enough to buy and give, but not 100 percent of your money will go directly to the creator – some are just paying Facebook, which may not be in line with your moral or ethical ideals considering by Meta less than ideal relationship with young, mental healthAnd democracy.

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