Week 7 Dynasty Stock Watch: Stefon Diggs, Cooper Kupp on the block

Now that we’re about a third of the way down the season, this introduction to the week 7 dynasty stock watch will focus on winning situations versus rebuilding. And here I take a hard line. If I’m going to tank, I’m going to tank so even the best player, plus I’ll try to move him to make sure I lose spectacularly (without benching my best players, because it’s tacky.)

So, if you are 3-3 or 2-4, I believe you are still there, apart from a couple of late season injuries that limit your potential. But I feel it’s not in most people’s DNA to accept that they have a losing team, even when their record reflects it. Maybe your team is in the top two or three for points scored and there have been some close-ups that could have been victories in several head-to-head matches. So, you have pink glasses while you check your team’s score on your phone all Sunday. And every time you check, your team somehow has one more point and your opponent has scored 20. Forget it; lay down your sword. We build for the future!

In my Dynasty Stock Watch from week 3, I wrote about the change from Tom Brady almost regardless of your team’s situation. He had a good rebound match in a week 4 defeat against Heads (39-52 for 385 and three scores). However, he is QB14 through six games. Chris GodwinThe comeback hasn’t turned on much yet.

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