Trump will not be verified on Facebook now that he is a presidential candidate

Former President Donald Trump held a rally on Tuesday night that officially ended all speculation about his future political aspirations. trump announced he was effectively running for president again, essentially kicking off his 2024 campaign.

There was some talk that Trump was announcing his presidential run now to avoid a Justice Department criminal investigation. The rumor has since been shot down by the Justice Department. But there is at least one advantage Trump can take advantage of now:

Facebook’s parent company Meta now considers him a political candidate, and according to Facebook policy, politicians are not verified on the platform.


Trump could be allowed back on Facebook early next year

The former president — the same as spends his days continuing to perpetuate falsehoods about his stolen 2020 election and sharing posts by QAnon conspiracy theorists on his social media platform Truth Social – he is now immune to Facebook fact-checkers.

CNN got a internal note from Meta that was sent just hours before Trump’s announcement Tuesday in which the social media company reminded employees of the rule. The memo reiterated that “political speech is not suitable for fact-checking” and includes not only what a politician says, but also photos, videos and other content created by a politician or his campaign.

“Some of you have turned to seeking guidance on fact-checking political speech in anticipation of a potential candidacy announcement from former President Trump,” the memo reads. he would be considered a politician under our program policies.

The standard is not new. It was the first established on Facebook in 2019, which was pointed to by Meta spokesman Andy Stone in a statement provided to CNN saying “a reiteration of our long-standing policy shouldn’t be news to anyone.”

However, it it certainly is remarkable when it comes to a former president who has a habit of lying, especially when Facebook itself will soon determine whether to return this individual to its platform.


Facebook will allow speeches by politicians to break its ‘community standards’

Trump was banned from Facebook in January 2021 amid the aftermath of the events of January 6, which saw a pro-Trump mob violently storm the Capitol in an attempt to flip the 2020 election results in Trump’s favor. The former president has since been banned from the platform.

However, following a ruling by its supervisory board, Meta ruled that Trump’s suspension would be in effect for a two-year period. At that point, Meta would consider the suspension and possibly allow Trump to return to Facebook.

That reevaluation is quickly arriving in January 2023. Facebook users should know that if Trump returns to the platform and goes unverified, it’s not because what he’s saying is factual.

It’s simply because as a presidential candidate, Trump is immune to the rules by which nearly everyone else on the platform is bound.

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