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1. Jeremy Hunt: “We have to make extremely difficult decisions”

Jeremy Hunt will face the cabinet today with a demand to find new spending cuts to restore Britain’s economic credibility after tearing up Liz Truss’s tax plans.

The new Chancellor yesterday warned MPs that decisions of “staggering difficulty” were needed and refused to rule out the scrapping of the triple pension block or an unexpected new tax. Read the full story.

2. Liz Truss was mocked as “the lady who didn’t show up” while Tory rebels claim she lost power.

Liz Truss on Monday said she was “sorry” for moving “too fast” on tax cuts, but insisted that she would lead the Conservative Party to the next election.

The Prime Minister said she remained committed to her “vision” of a high-growth, low-tax economy, but that it should have been done in a “different way” after the backlash of her mini-budget. Read the full story.

3. Just Stop Oil protesters force Dartford Crossing to close after climbing the bridge

Just Stop Oil protesters forced the Dartford Crossing to close after climbing the bridge in the early hours of Monday morning.

Police closed the Queen Elizabeth II road bridge, which connects Essex to Kent, after reports that two people had “climbed onto the bridge and are currently at high altitude”. Read the full story.

4. Teach the national anthem to ethnic minority pupils so they feel like they belong, says Katharine Birbalsingh

White teachers should teach ethnic minority children to sing the national anthem even if it makes them “uncomfortable,” the government’s social mobility czar said.

Katharine Birbalsingh, chairman of the Social Mobility Commission, said schoolchildren should learn the song or risk being taught that it does not “belong” to their country. Read the full story.

5. Woman scammed for £ 612,000 by roommates posing as a doctor in love with her

A woman was scammed for £ 612,000 by two men pretending to be a doctor in love with her, a court heard.

The 60-year-old Swiss woman believed her online romance was with an English doctor who lived in London. Read the full story.

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