Three arrested after man’s body was found in Essex Woods

Three arrests were made after the discovery of a man’s body in the Essex woods as police investigated whether two people had been captured against their will.

The body is believed to be that of a man in his forties who had disappeared from an address in north London, along with a woman in his thirties who has since been found unharmed.

The couple knew each other, metropolitan police said.

The force described their investigation as “very complex and fast moving,” but that “a key line of investigation is that the man and woman were taken against their will in a vehicle” on Thursday.

The man’s body was discovered in a wood near the Oakwood Hill industrial estate in Loughton at around 11:55 am on Saturday.

Officers were called on Friday afternoon to report that the man and woman had disappeared from an address in Ebony Crescent, between Barnet and Enfield, having been last seen the night before.

As they worked to find the couple, the discovery of the body was reported to the Essex police.

The force, which was initially investigating, confirmed on Sunday that Scotland Yard took over the investigation as the man is believed to have died in the area for which the Met is responsible.

A post mortem examination and formal identification of the body will take place in due course, the Met said.

Officers “work 24/7 to determine exactly what happened”

Three men were arrested in the Kent area in connection with the investigation and remain in police custody. The Met did not immediately confirm what they were arrested for on suspicion.

Officers urged people who were in the Ebony Crescent area on Thursday to contact police if they remember seeing anything suspicious, with residents asking to check doorbell cameras and motorists asking to watch footage of the dashcam.

Chief Investigative Inspector Kate Kieran said her team “works 24/7 to determine exactly what happened.”

He said: “This is a very complex and fast moving investigation involving multiple units of the MPS, plus the invaluable support of our colleagues in the Essex Police.

“Although the investigation remains at an early stage, a key line of the investigation is that the man and woman were taken against their will in a vehicle on Thursday night.”

He said a police presence would remain in the Oakwood Hill Industrial Park area for the next few days and assured residents of Enfield and Essex that officers are “doing absolutely everything they can to understand the chain of events here and ensure to justice those responsible “.

Investigative Superintendent Rob Kirby, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said: “The Metropolitan Police will now take the lead in this investigation, but we will continue to support it.

“Road closures will remain in the area while investigations continue on the scene.”

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