Thisaway walks a fine line in her designs for radical skincare brand Sönd

Right now, there is a revolution taking place in the beauty industry. It is no longer about conformity, stereotypically beautiful models and the exclusion of otherness. Nowadays, beauty branding is inclusive, diverse, and positive. And skincare company Sönd has been right at the forefront of this evolving approach.

Sönd is not a follower of fads or fairy tales. Instead, she uses simple science and a deep understanding of skin to create a radically different product.

While many skincare products on the market are acidic, Sönd harnesses the power of alkalinity to create a solution that works more harmoniously with the natural pH level of your skin’s regenerative layers.

The founders of Sönd know the burdens of troublesome skin from experience. And they know that these problems are far from superficial. Anxiety, self-consciousness, and low self-esteem can stem directly from skin problems and can leave people trapped and powerless.

But how to convey this philosophy in a simple and understandable way to consumers? Sönd turns to Bath Thisaway branding agency to help them.

Sönd commissioned Thisaway to create a new brand that liberates and empowers. A brand that positions Sönd as the sigh of relief at the end of a frustrating search for skincare products that actually work. Freeing people from the maverick skin prison.

Building on the idea of ​​skincare that makes you feel better both inside and out, Thisaway has created an identity that is all about embracing calm and exuding confidence. They’ve teamed up with photographer Matt Davis to bring it all to life with a series of super close-up portraits that capture a feeling of relief and power while championing the beauty and diversity of skin.

These portraits are complemented by a color palette that blends soothing skin tones with more vibrant colors, which lend a sense of life and freshness without seeming garish or clinical.

A delicate yet distinctive typeface guides communications using smooth curves that allude to the contours of the human body. Supporting fonts play a more functional role and are often accompanied by elegantly simple icons and infographics that seek to ground the brand in facts and proof points without becoming stuffy or giving users a science lesson.

The new branding will be implemented on Sönd’s website and social channels, as well as a recently opened clinic in Milan. Thisaway will continue to work with Sönd as custodian of the brand moving forward and hope to evolve the brand’s packaging in the future.

“In many ways, creating Sönd’s new identity has been a balancing act,” says Adam Cale, director of design at Thisaway. “Not only did we have to walk the line between being bold and confident, but also soft and relaxing, but we also had to make sure that everything we created worked with our existing logo and packaging.

“To do this, we made sure that all of the new identity elements are much more tactile and human in contrast to the very minimal packaging aesthetic. This contrasting yet complementary approach has resulted in a nuanced branding that feels calming yet powerful, bold yet understated and simple yet scientific.”

Sönd founder Markus Goess-Saurau adds: “Working with the team at Thisaway has been a very pleasant experience. Everything from project management to the creative process has been second to none. The brief we provided was been thoroughly understood and we couldn’t be happier with the results that Thisaway has produced.”

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