This high temperature steam cleaner + vacuum cleaner can literally keep your sofa, rug and home immaculate

Using a patented process that bombards dirt with high pressure water and then sucks the dirty water out of fabrics, UWANT’s B-200 quickly removes stains even at the deepest level, drying fabrics and upholstery faster than other cleaners . Its 4-in-1 cleaning system helps you fight all types of stains, with high-temperature steam to dissolve the most difficult stains that penetrate even below the surface, also killing germs and mites in fabrics. The best part? No washing, pre-soaking or any other extra effort!

Designer: UWANT Design

Click here to buy now: $ 259 $ 339 (23% discount). Hurry, only 18 left!

Designed to be the most advanced portable spot cleaner on the market, the B-200 is a practical device every family should own, even more so when you have kids and pets around. You can never predict when food or drinks will spill on the sofa or when someone drops a bottle of salsa on your new living room rug. Stains do occur, but they don’t need to be permanent.

Designed to instantly attach stains directly to the source, the B-200 is a handy handheld device that lets you get rid of stains without turning on the washing machine, removing bulky covers from your furniture, or using those fancy (and sometimes dangerous) cleaning solvents ). Just locate the spill and point the B-200 cleaner head towards it. With multiple modes to choose from, the B-200 uses its own proprietary solvent mixed with water to remove stains. The solvent penetrates deep into the tissues, only to be sucked up by the powerful suction head. The B-200 works on upholstery, mattresses, curtains, carpets and even car interiors (thanks to its base on wheels which makes it easy to carry), leaving you in the end with an immaculate sofa, rug, cushion that doesn’t feel. damp or wet. It’s like pressing CTRL + Z on the blot.

High pressure: jets of water up to 2.36 inches into the stain to dissolve dirt to the deepest level.

Antibacterial brushes: the material fights odors and prevents the spread of bacteria with each step. And its firm yet delicate brushes are stain resistant, removing loose dirt to the deepest level while still being gentle enough for your favorite strands.

Powerful Suction – Most stain cleaners only have 8KPa of suction, but the B200 aspires to an impressive 12KPa, making stains dry faster and removing more dirt and water from the area.

Ironing mode: used to quickly remove creases from clothes.

Steam Mode: Heats up to 212 ℉, giving you a secret weapon to sterilize stains that no other stain cleaner has.

The B-200 looks and feels like your regular spot buster, but with serious under-the-hood upgrades. A patented solution tank stores the solvent and the B-200 mixes it with the water in the exact proportion for you inside the machine. A touchscreen panel on the side of the device allows you to choose from 4 modes, including a steam mode for stubborn stains. Once switched on, the B-200 distributes the cleaning solvent by spraying it, and consecutively activates the powerful 12 KPa aspirator to suck up the solvent. The detergent penetrates up to 2.36 inches into fabrics, making it really useful for pillows and the like, where it works quickly on stubborn stains. The vacuum cleaner then draws out the liquid, lifting the stain along with it so that you are left with impeccably clean and dry fabrics. Its cleaning modes include a standard water-based vacuum mode, a steam mode, an ironing mode that also allows you to remove creases and iron your clothes (as you would a steam cleaner) and a cleaning solution mode that uses the solvent.

Self-cleaning: Uses powerful water pressure to wash and rinse from the inside, cleaning the brush and hose together.

A patented self-cleaning mechanism also ensures that dirty water trapped in the vacuum head is flushed out instantly, while the B-200’s internal water management system stores clean and dirty water in separate containers for easy maintenance. To make cleaning every corner of your home easier, the B-200 also comes with a 157-inch power cord that ensures that no connection point is too far from where you need to clean. The power cord also retracts automatically with the push of a button, highlighting the B-200’s convenient design.

Starting at a discounted $ 259, the UWANT B-200 ships together with a hose attachment (and 2 hose holders) and two interchangeable bristle / brush heads for use on soft and hard surfaces. There is also a heat resistant glove inside the package (to protect the hand during steam mode) and three 1 oz bottles of cleaning solution, which users can try before purchasing larger solvent bottles on the site UWANT web (available to customers in the US, EU, JP, MAS, VN and UK). The B-200 ships worldwide starting December 2022 and comes with a 1-year global warranty (and a 2-year EU warranty).

Click here to buy now: $ 259 $ 339 (23% discount). Hurry, only 18 left!

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