This gorgeous floor mirror carries a lake shore into your room

Mirrors are great ways to add some accents to a room. Whether they are actually functional or simply decorative, their reflective surfaces alone are enough to give life to a space through a play of lights, colors and shapes. Even better, however, if a mirror is both useful and beautiful, which requires creative thinking and design. More often than not, furniture makers focus on beautifying mirrors with rather fancy frames, but some have also delighted in changing the very shape of the mirror itself. This floor mirror, for example, could perfectly fit some body types due to its irregular shape, but its play of shapes creates an almost magical illusion of looking down on the shore of a lake from above.

Designer: Maryna Dague Nathan Baraness

Very few things in nature have straight lines to the point that a famous architect has even been quoted to associate curves with the divine. Even some natural things that you might think are straight would have some bumps and waves that make them look and feel more, well, natural. Despite their name, the ribs, of course, are never straight, and it is that natural irregularity that this beautiful mirror uses to create a captivating view inside any room.

The shape of the mirror defies definition. Despite its irregularity, there is nothing jarring or disconcerting about its lack of angles and straight lines. Just like water in its natural state, it appears to have no discernible pattern in its curves. And just like water, it causes our minds to associate the loose form with feelings of calm and sweetness.

And then there’s the base, which is a solid block with sharp edges and a well-defined shape. It contrasts with the fluid shape of the mirror and it’s almost as if the mirror simply cuts off a piece of the base. Many shores look like this when viewed from the sky above, and it’s a reminder of how water can also be a destructive force, even when it’s slowly eroding stone and earth over time.

The “Laghi” collection of sculptural mirrors also includes other shapes and sizes of mirrors, some representing small ponds while others are like long gulfs. Even the bases can be made in different materials, from wood to metal to marble. One design even looks like a body of water to fit the theme. Regardless of the shape or material used, Lakes mirrors successfully take a page from Mother Nature’s design book to create a life-sized piece of furniture that instantly fills the room.

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