This chair made of only six pieces of wood aims to stand out as a modern classic

We all know the iconic chairs in the world, who could forget the unmistakable silhouette of Breuer’s Eames Lounge Chair or Wassily Chair, but can you name many designs from the last decade that you would consider a classic? When Whipsaw founder Dan Harden started thinking about a passionate project to work on, he knew he wanted to take on the designer’s latest challenge of creating a timeless chair, bringing a more contemporary twist to the way he planned to make it.

“I really wanted to create something unique that was comfortable, beautiful, never seen before and using really elementary materials, in particular, I wanted to see what I could do with As soon as wood, ”Harden said in a report on the project on the TV show America of Design. The design of Harden’s Skrolla chair (the name comes from its scroll-like shape) marries form and function, beautiful curvature, and a seamless end product that requires no hardware.

The Skrolla chair

Skrolla’s shape was inspired in part by the plywood bending process and the soft slopes it can create. All curved pieces of the chair are created by forcing layers of epoxy plywood veneer around a mold inside a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. The mold draft angle has been designed to not only allow the seat to be easily released from the mold after hardening, it is also the ideal angle for a reclining seat. Harden’s desire to use plywood was motivated not only by his fascination with the process, but also by its unmatched appearance. “The curve is part of the style that makes this chair interesting,” says Harden. “And if it’s in your house, it must look good from every angle.”

Two of Harden’s main wishes with Skrolla were to create a chair that didn’t require crossbeams at the bottom for support and to design for easy manufacturing without sacrificing quality. To avoid the need for crossbeams, Harden designed the legs a little differently. “The way this chair is built, the lower leg under the seat has a larger diameter than it goes through … so the weight of the person sitting and the chair itself are sitting on this shoulder,” explains Harden.

As seen in this image, the diameter of the Skrolla chair legs is slightly larger below the bottom curve of the plywood.

Harden’s vision of creating a chair using only six pieces of wood (yes, only six!) Earned him a utility patent and highlights the ability to design products made with as few materials as possible.

So will the Skrolla chair live on throughout history as an iconic design chair? Only time can tell, but there is certainly undeniable ingenuity when it comes to materials, process and overall appearance. And perhaps compared to the classic chairs we’re already familiar with, Skrolla reflects a more modern sentiment around more sustainable shipping and building practices, while maintaining a timeless style.

Skrolla is a Pro Runner Up in the Furniture & Lighting category of the Core77 Design Awards 2022. You can check out all the winners of 2022 now on the Core77 Design Awards website.

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