This alarm clock keeps track of time in a playful and childlike way

For many people, alarm clocks are vital tools to make sure they are on time or, at the very least, that they wake up on time. At the same time, however (no pun intended), these devices are often viewed negatively and are even described as something most people will destroy first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be, of course, and sometimes just changing the way something looks to change the way people approach them. This alarm clock and timer in one, for example, looks less like a typical clock and more like a miniature arcade cabinet, reminding people not to take everything too seriously and give their lives some play.

Designer: MUID

The primary purpose of a watch is to tell the time, but such a tool can take many forms to accomplish this. Alarm clocks and timers or stopwatches are simply variations that also perform an action at certain times, usually by making a sound or ringing a bell. There are many ways these can be represented, but most watch designs appeal to the more serious side of life.

With a name like “Game Boy Alarm Clock”, it’s pretty clear this concept design goes in the opposite direction. Embrace the carefree aspects of our existence, which is probably how you would like to start your day in the first place. It might still bother you when you want to slip another five or ten minutes into sleep, but hopefully you’ll feel a little less stressed each time you see a reminder of that interruption.

The toy-like appearance of this alarm clock isn’t just for show, though. The way you use it is like a gaming device too, particularly with the lever looking like a joystick. However, it can only go up or down, mainly for hours and minutes to pass. Sure, it might get boring when you’re going through a lot of numbers, but hopefully you only need to do this occasionally.

Using the device is also simple, with clearly marked buttons for different functions. Most of the buttons are on the back, however, so they don’t become visual clutter. On the front only one button remains, mapped to start and pause the stopwatch function. As for stopping the alarm, just a simple touch on the top is enough, almost like stroking a faithful companion who wakes you faithfully at the right time. Hopefully, you won’t put down your anger, which will likely make you feel guilty later on for mistreating such a cute device.

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