The transgender MP accuses his conservative colleagues of “arming” trans issues in the leadership race

Conservative transgender MP Jamie Wallis has accused Conservative colleagues of “arming” trans issues in this summer’s leadership debate.

In a letter asking Liz Truss, the Bridgend MP, who declared herself transgender this year, criticized the Prime Minister for not “challenging this behavior” while asking her to resign.

Mr. Wallis criticized “very basic and avoidable errors” in the prime minister’s approach as he became the third Conservative MP to publicly resign for the prime minister.

He said he did not believe Ms. Truss could join the party, describing the leadership competition as a “particularly difficult time”.

“Watching senior colleagues exploit the issue of transgender rights and use them as weapons for cheap political points was extremely unfortunate,” Wallis said in his letter.

He continued: “You have chosen not to challenge this behavior and now you have chosen to have those same colleagues sitting by your side in your government.

“Mistakes can be undone and, being a united team, I believe we could achieve almost anything. However, although you are our leader, I no longer believe this is possible.

“Your decision to name your historical supporters personally rather than the most qualified politicians available in the party has led to decisions that have done clear and obvious damage to the British economy.”

During the leadership race, the candidates criticized each other on trans issues with Penny Mordaunt at the end of the parliamentary challenges.

In an early joke organized by the Backbench Committee of Parliamentarians in 1922, Ms. Mordaunt was challenged for her handling of a bill to allow Interior Secretary Suella Braverman to take maternity leave last year.

Jamie Wallis accused senior colleagues of exploiting trans issues during the leadership race

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Jamie Wallis accused senior colleagues of exploiting trans issues during the leadership race


Ms. Braverman criticized her for the decision to replace “woman” with “pregnant person” in the legislation.

As the bill passed in the House of Commons, Conservative MPs led by former veteran minister Sir John Hayes tabled amendments to reinstate “mother” and “woman” but were rejected by the government.

Subsequently, the same amendments were reinstated in the House of Lords after a cross-party campaign that included Labor and Conservative colleagues.

At the abuses of 1922 Sir John, one of Ms. Braverman’s main supporters, challenged Ms. Mordaunt on the matter and her colleagues later said she was “glowing” at her response.

Penny Mordaunt was challenged for her stance on trans issues

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Penny Mordaunt has been challenged for her stance on trans issues

In March of this year, Wallis became the first openly trans parliamentarian. In a statement posted online, he said he had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and wanted to move on, adding that he wasn’t sure how to proceed but wanted to make the situation public.

Mr. Wallis added that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by a previous attempt to blackmail him into its gender and a rape incident, which left him “not well”.

In July, Mr. Wallis was disqualified from driving after hitting a telegraph pole in a late night car accident and then fleeing the scene in November last year.

Mr. Wallis, who had denied all allegations, told the court that he crashed after swerving to avoid hitting a cat and left the scene for fear of being “raped, killed or kidnapped” due to stress disorder. post-traumatic that developed after being raped in September.

Her request for Ms. Truss to resign came after Tory Senior MPs Crispin Blunt and Andrew Bridgen also urged Liz Truss to step down.

Mr. Blunt told Channel 4 Andrew Neil show on Sunday: “I think the game is over and now it’s a question of how succession is handled.”

He was followed by Rishi Sunak’s supporter, Mr. Bridgen, on Sunday evening, who told al Daily telegraph newspaper: “We can’t go on like this”.

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