The scariest MCU characters ranked

The MCU is famous for its carefree and child-friendly atmosphere. Most of his films are known for their abundance of jokes and low stakes, which equate to colorful and visually dazzling but impactless stories. The heroes are all clean and safe, examples of fairness and physical beauty. Meanwhile, most of the villains in the MCU are somewhat forgettable, as they represent only a fleeting challenge to Earth’s mightiest heroes and act more like nuisances than truly dangerous threats. All in all, there seems to be no room for weird or unconventional in the MCU, much less scary.

However, some MCU figures have enough creepy qualities to look scary. These characters are chilling, either because of their creepy demeanor, imposition of physical appearance, wealth and influence, or a mix of all of these. And while they may not send anyone running for the hills, they successfully unsettle audiences, especially considering the colorful, low-stakes universe they call home.

5. Wilson Fisk

Played by Vincent D’Onofrio, Wilson Fisk is the main antagonist of the MCU series Reckless. Fisk is ruthless and cunning, hiding his trauma and his insecurities behind a veneer of confidence and quiet contempt. Fisk has severe anger issues that emerge with minimal provocation, surprising those who don’t know him and may even mistake him for something of a gentle giant.

Fisk is so scary due to his fickle and unpredictable behavior. He has a grand plan for New York City and is convinced of his own greatness, thus making him unstoppable in his search for him. Fisk avoids the spotlight and prefers to operate from the shadows, adding to the mystery surrounding him. The Kingpin can go from an intelligent and well-bred gentleman to a creature with an animal rage; you never know where you are with him, which makes it extremely unnerving. Fisk will reappear in the near future Daredevil: Born againand fans will be able to see him in all his anger-filled glory.

4. Dreykov

General Dreykov talks to Taskmaster in Black Widow (2021).

The Black Widow the film is a mostly underwhelming entrance into a mostly underwhelming stage. Scarlett Johansson is fantastic and Florence Pugh is a wonderful addition to the ever-growing list of MCU heroes, but the forgettable storyline disappoints them. However, the film plays with insightful and, unfortunately, current ideas about the trafficking and exploitation of women, making its villain, Ray Winstone’s General Draykov, an unexpected source of fear for audiences.

General Draykov is an enigma, a man of whom one speaks only in a whisper. His willingness to use everyone, including his daughter, makes him one of the most ruthless characters in the MCU. There is a callousness in the general that is disturbing to see, referring to the girls as “resources” and appreciating her ability to use and discard them at will. Draykov’s attitude and mindset is an unfortunate embodiment of several issues plaguing real-life society, making him a shocking and potentially inspiring character for many viewers.

3. Arishem the judge

An image of the light blue Aishem from Marvel's Eternals.

The Eternals are among the most powerful members of the MCU and they too crouch in fear before the Celestials. Rumored to be the creators of the universe, the Celestials are huge in size and very powerful, making them the biggest threat in the current MCU. Little is known about them, but that only makes them scarier.

Eternal introduces Arishem the judge in the foreground. The Celestial is responsible for the team’s mission to Earth, although he barely communicates with them unless absolutely necessary. Stoic and determined, Arishem is an absolutist who refuses to back down unless forced; even then, his judgment will be harsh and unappealable, making him the ultimate decision maker in universal matters. Arishem is absolutely scary. His size is scary enough – he makes the Earth look like a soccer ball under his huge hands – but his power and vast capabilities make him, perhaps, the scariest being in the current MCU.

2. Thanos

Thanos looks serious with the smoke behind him in Avengers Infinity War.

The Mad Titan is still the biggest threat in the MCU. He remains the only villain to have prevailed against Earth’s mightiest heroes, and although his actions were ultimately undone, his fury has left considerable physical and psychological scars throughout the world. Thanos is patient, self-deluded, violent, proud and convinced of his superiority. He believes he knows what’s best for everyone and he considers himself the only one strong enough to do what needs to be done.

Thanos is so scary for his determination. He will stop at nothing to fulfill his fate of him, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it. Thanos sacrifices his daughter to get the Soul Stone, and although she displays some regret, it’s not enough to stop him. There is something incredibly terrifying about someone so enamored with their purpose that they will stop at nothing to achieve it. In many ways, Thanos is truly inevitable, a force of nature that cannot be reasoned with, prevented or challenged. All we can do is deal with it in the best possible way.

1. Scarlet

Scarlet Witch levitates in a circle of candles.

Let Sam Raimi make the MCU scary. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of magic it’s messy, but it works thanks to the evil Dead the director’s unique approach to adapting Marvel’s most mystical property. Injecting into the film a clear sense of terror looming around every corner, Raimi makes a horror film disguised as a superhero adventure.

In her world of madness and terror, no character is scarier than Scarlet. By becoming completely evil and abandoning everything that made her a hero, Wanda is looking for blood Multiverse of madness, and is willing to go beyond all limits to get it. Raimi transforms Wanda into a living, walking, breathing nightmare, a corruption of the hero myth who abuses her considerable powers, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Raimi goes further than any other director, including body and psychological horror sequences that actually turn Wanda into a demon, or at least the Marvel equivalent of one. The Scarlet Witch is the best character in the MCU, a complex and ever-changing figure who struggles to reconcile her heroic duties with his wishes and her losses. Multiverse of madness lets her go wild, and while Marvel will surely redeem her eventually, at least once we got to see her as a real monster.

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