The new Apple M2 iPad Pro is basically a MacBook with a touchscreen and pencil

If a tablet were excessive, it would seem the M2 iPad Pro …

Did the iPad really need an M2 chip? Chances are that if you look at what 99% of people use a tablet for, an M2 chip is more processing power volume than you would ever need. I use my iPad for YouTube and Netflix. However, Apple clearly didn’t build its iPad Pro M2 2022 for 99% of people. Much like the Watch Ultra of tablet design, the M2 iPad Pro is capable of dethroning more specialized and more expensive devices than it is. Heck, the M2 chip now lets you literally 3D render on it using the upcoming Octane X and color correction using DaVinci Resolve. In short, the iPad Pro is basically Apple’s way of giving you the MacBook experience, without the price tag or the MacOS.

Designer: Apple

There aren’t many changes to the iPad Pro’s overall design, aside from a few hardware changes. It’s proof that Apple is happy with where things are with the iPad, and barring any sudden developments, there should be no reason to revise the design. The company hasn’t even put MagSafe or wireless charging on the iPad Pro either. However, the new machine has a better camera, capable of recording ProRes video, and the M2 chip inside is now much more capable of handling all the types of activities and files. Combine this with iOS 16’s Stage Manager and you have a beastly machine that can do the job of a MacBook Air … with a touchscreen.

When Apple unveiled the device, it highlighted exactly how capable the new M2 chip was. Even though the announcement was much shorter than your traditional Apple keynote, the iPad Pro’s reputation speaks for itself. Apple highlighted how the Pro would help professionals like doctors, architects, filmmakers, and photographers (as well as artists, of course), while the video also sets real-world metrics on the iPad Pro’s improvements, with 15% faster CPU speeds, faster GPUs. 35% faster speed, 50% more memory bandwidth and a 40% faster neural engine for machine learning tasks. There is literally no other tablet that even comes close to what the M2 iPad Pro is capable of. In fact, the iPad Pro easily outshines some Chromebooks.

The newest feature coming to the new iPad Pro, however, is the tablet’s ability to detect the Apple Pencil up to 12mm away from the screen. Nicknamed Hover, this skill allows you to place the pencil above the screen and unlock various interactions. In painting apps, it lets you accurately see the location of your paint stroke before you go ahead and make your mark. Preview files before selecting them or objects before inserting them into compositions. Hover mode works in conjunction with the pencil touch feature and even allows you to use the hand that is not holding the pencil to pinch / swipe to control the overall experience of your iPad and pencil.

Surprisingly enough (though not too much), the new iPad Pros are about the same price as their predecessors. The 11-inch variant starts at $ 799, while the larger 12.9-inch variant starts at $ 1099 (and comes with the updated XDR display), with shipping starting later this month.

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