The majestic 3-ton sunfish sets a new world record for the largest bony fish ever discovered

Researchers find themselves next to the giant 6,000-pound sunfish after it was discovered that it floated lifeless on the ocean’s surface. (Image credit: Atlantic Naturalist Association)

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A giant 3-ton sunfish recently discovered near a Portuguese island has set a new world record for the heaviest bony fish ever recorded, according to a new study.

The scaly colossus, known as a giant sunfish or a round-headed sunfish (Mola Alessandrini), was discovered on December 9, 2021 while floating lifeless off the coast of Faial Island in the Azores, a group of Portuguese islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Local authorities collected the heavy carcass and brought it back to port so it could be properly studied, according to a statement from the Atlantic Naturalist Association, a non-profit conservation and research organization based on the island. by Faial.

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