The Long Island Republican supports comments comparing abortion with slavery

Amid a public reaction to the Supreme Court’s June decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, some Republican candidates for Congress they have tried to reverse, minimize or hide their uncompromising positions against the right to abortion.

But George Santos, the Republican candidate in a Long Island House seat won by President Joe Biden, is a contender who sticks to his firm views against abortion and makes comments comparing abortion to slavery, among other things. .

As a candidate to challenge Representative Tom Suozzi (D) in New York’s 3rd Congressional District in 2020, Santos declared his opposition to the 1973 Supreme Court decision recognizing a constitutional right to abortion. He said he would vote to ban abortion nationwide if he were elected to Congress. He even supports criminal charges for abortion doctors, according to local news The island now.

Following the Supreme Court decision, Santos released a statement clarifying that he would always uphold the exceptions for abortion in the event of rape, incest or life-threatening mother.

But Santos also said he wanted strict control of rape reports. In a 2020 interview, he claimed to support allowing rape survivors to abort only in “extreme circumstances with proven police documentation.”

“Nowadays … you go to bed with your partner you don’t like, you know you’ve had a bad day, and you wake up pregnant, and like, ‘I was raped,'” she told the conservative talk show, “Indivisible with John Stubbins. ” “It’s a little too wide.”

Finally, just last August, Santos told a Republican hearing in Queens that “we will be remembered as the most barbaric generation that ever lived” due to the legality of abortion. He argued that future generations would disapprove of abortion just as we now despise slavery.

“All of us in this room agree that when we look at slavery, it was barbaric,” Santos said in a comment to the Whitestone Republican Club, first reported by the New York Daily News. “In fifty years, we will look back at what we are doing in this country and say, ‘Did we kill babies from the womb? Have we interrupted ours? This is barbaric. ‘”

Santos, a financier, is competing with Democratic candidate Robert Zimmerman, a small business owner, to succeed Suozzi, who announced plans to retire in January.

Santos and Zimmerman are openly gay and would be the first LGBTQ members of the Long Island Congress. Santos, whose father is Afro-Brazilian, is also biracial.

When offered the opportunity to clarify Santos ‘stance on abortion rights or to go back to some of his comments, Santos’ campaign manager Charley Lovett did not provide a direct answer.

Instead, Lovett insisted that the issue is irrelevant because New York has enshrined the right to abortion in state law.

“Democrats know that abortion is not threatened in upstate New York, but they continue to say anything to distract from their disastrous policies that have sparked a wave of inflation and crime that is crippling New York families,” he said. Lovett said in a statement. “Liberal politicians like Robert Zimmerman may be foolish, but voters certainly aren’t.”

Zimmerman, who does not advocate any legal restrictions on abortion, has made his support for abortion rights a key part of his campaign in the district.

“George Santos poses the greatest threat to women and our democracy than any candidate running for Congress in New York state,” Zimmerman said in a statement to HuffPost. “Her resume makes her position clear: describing legal abortion as ‘barbaric’, comparing abortion to slavery, urging the arrest of doctors, claiming that women will use rape as an excuse to obtain abortion and support a national ban on abortion without exception for rape or incest. This kind of vile extremism and disrespect for women has no place in our country ”.

Santos’ anti-abortion views are likely a stumbling block in New York’s 3rd place, which includes an area of ​​Long Island’s North Shore and a small corner of northeastern Queens in New York City.

Biden finished third in New York by over eight percentage points.

Additionally, 76% of Long Island voters support the right to abortion, including 42% who say the issue could determine their vote, according to a recent News poll.

However, the match between Santos and Zimmerman is head to head. Zimmerman led Santos by one point among the likely voters, with 14% undecided, according to a survey of late August and early September commissioned by the US Term Limits defense group.

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