The Conservative MP says “urgent action” is needed to extinguish the dumpster fire

A Conservative MP warned of the dangers of letting a “dumpster fire” rage without intervention.

Writing in his local newspaper, Robert Largan, he said “urgent” action was needed to prevent the conflagrations “from spreading rapidly and causing severe structural damage.”

His seemingly innocent comments on fire management come as Conservative MPs debate whether or not to remove Liz Truss following a disastrous budget.

Noting that “the two most common causes of these fires are spontaneous combustion and arson,” Largan warned:

“For some, watching these fires rage creates a dark fascination and the possibility of speculating on how long they will continue to burn.”

The article was well received on social media, with a local reporter commenting: “Read what you want here.”

In his piece for the joint website of the Tameside Reporter, Glossop Chronicle and Oldham ReporterMr. Largan said: “Extinguishing a fire in a dumpster is a risky and probably messy business.

Tory MP Robert Largan

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(UK Parliament)

“The runoff of water used to extinguish the flames is likely to be particularly toxic and potentially harmful to the environment.

“Sometimes it is argued that it is best to let the fire eventually go out by itself.

“But these fires produce large plumes of smoke that carry airborne particles over long distances.

“Carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, dioxins and furans are all released into the atmosphere, threatening the health and well-being of those in the surrounding area. Powerful pools of leachate can also form in nearby waterways.”

Warning of irreversible damage if the fires were allowed to burn without intervention, the High Peak MP stated:

“The longer the fire is allowed to rage, the greater the danger to the integrity of the caisson, as the metal begins to warp and deform, beyond recognition, eventually becoming completely unusable.

“I am deeply committed to protecting our environment and our beautiful country. I firmly believe that we must address dumpster fires when they occur, no matter how messy or unattractive they may be.

“Indeed, the act of putting out the flames could very well be the end of the leap from which they originated. But urgent action is still needed.”

Mr. Largan was elected in 2019 by a narrow majority of just 590 votes, ousting incumbent Labor MP Ruth George.

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