The best slipper socks to keep your feet warm cost just $ 10 on Amazon

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While I’m a generally hot person who prefers the crisp autumn air to the brutal heat of summer, there’s a part of the dropping temperatures that I just can’t stand: toes turning into icicles. The second we moved into the colder season, I immediately replaced my flip flops around the house with comfy slippers and socks. But not just any socks: snug, fleece-lined socks starting at just $ 10 on Amazon.

I first learned about these socks many Christmases ago, when I was too young to appreciate having a quality pair as a gift. While simple, these socks definitely come in handy on days when it’s colder than my outdoor freezer and my stove works overtime. They are stretchy and fleece lined and have silicone rubber grips on the soles to keep you from slipping and sliding on hardwood floors.

If you’re starting Christmas shopping early and need to cross some socks off your list, these socks are a perfect option. Not to mention they have over 6,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. They are available in 40 colors, including red, blue, pink, black, purple, melange black and light gray. Please note that the socks are a “one size fits all” style, but the product description states that they are best suited for people wearing size 6-10 women’s shoes.

As for the duration, I can attest that they hold up. I have a few pairs of various colors that I have had for about two or three years each, and they are all still in good condition even after multiple washes. But if you’d rather have a second, third, and fourth opinion, let the promising reviews below lead you to add a couple or two to your cart:

“I bought these to keep in my husband’s truck when we travel, [my] the feet get cold and these are so perfectly comfortable. I also flew them with me to keep my feet warm. They were perfect! ” – E. Jones

“Winter in Western New York is cold and snowy, but with these slipper socks on my family’s feet, they’ll all be very warm. I bought them as a Christmas present when they were on offer and was thrilled when they arrived and they were so cute. I highly recommend them. ” – Deb

“I have to say I’m impressed. I really wanted something to keep my feet warm while working from home, but not slippers. I had tried furry socks with a foam pillow, but they just weren’t great. So I ordered these not expecting much but I have to say they are really nice. I also have some texture issues, I don’t like fleece, flannel, etc. So I generally don’t like to touch the lining of things like this, but they’re actually pretty soft without giving me a scratchy feel. “- Amazon customer

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