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Frequently Asked Questions: What to look for when buying a TV

What type of TV is best for sports?

Sports fans need a TV equipped to handle fast action without blurring, and there are two main factors. Response time is fine detail without blurring. Refresh rate is the number of images your TV can display per second. OLED TVs typically have the fastest response time and QLED TVs have the brightest screens, which are great for watching sports. You’ll also need a 4K TV for superior picture quality. If you’re on a budget, LED-LCD TVs are a great alternative to OLED or QLED TVs.

If you can keep your nerve, we’ll compile the best TV deals here and update them regularly over the Black Friday weekend. If any early Black Friday deals are released (and they often are), we’ll hear about them, so check back here throughout November to see if you can steal a gear on a rival bargain hunter. If you’re looking for something other than a TV, we also feature the best Black Friday deals on mattresses, iPads, tablets and mobile phones.

How much do TV prices go down on Black Friday?

Discounts tend to be in the region of 15 to 40 percent. So on an £800 TV you’ll save £120 to £320, although it’s worth noting that Black Friday discounts tend to be on TVs that never sell at full RRP. It may have been 25% off for all of last year, temporarily bumped up to 40% for Black Friday.

You’re right to suspect that these are mostly older titles entering the Black Friday sales. But if you’re still looking at a standard HD screen from the 2000s, even a 4K set from two years ago will look light years ahead. To help you figure out which TV is best for you, we’ve included a comprehensive guide at the bottom of the page, explaining the difference between HD and 4K and what OLED, QLED and LED mean.

Don’t forget that BT, Virgin Media and Sky all have Black Friday deals on their TV channel packages, many bundled with broadband and mobile plans for significant savings. We’re expecting them to release a variety of World Cup TV deals and deals, and we’ll bring the best back here.

What is the best screen size?

While bigger isn’t always better, it’s worth noting that manufacturers often reserve their premium technology, such as OLED and QLED (see below) for larger screen sizes. Therefore, it is worth choosing a TV of at least 55 inches. Remember, this is the distance from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, not its width.

When viewing, the screen should be parallel to your eyes. You shouldn’t tilt your head more than 15 degrees up or down or 40 degrees left or right.

Image Quality: What is 4K and Ultra HD?

The term 4K refers to ultra high definition picture quality and is interchangeable with the term Ultra HD (or UHD). The image on a 4K or Ultra HD screen is made up of eight million pixels, which is four times more than the image on an HDTV. This means you get a sharper image on the screen.

In general, you should aim for a 4K television, as they are of the highest quality. 8K TVs do exist, but here are only a handful of them on the market, and they’re both very large and very expensive. Hardly any entertainment is being streamed in 8K yet.

Nearly all 4K TVs have the ability to upscale standard HD content, and premium 4K models may include High Dynamic Range (HDR), a contrast-enhancing system that makes colors more vivid on the screen.

You may see other terms when searching for a TV, such as “Full HD” and “HD Ready.” To clear up any confusion, the following is a hierarchy of TVs, ranked from best to worst picture quality:

  • 4K/UltraHD
  • Full HD
  • HD ready
  • Standard definition

Other terms to know: OLED, QLED and LED

The brightness of the TV screen depends on whether it is an LED, OLED or QLED device. An LED TV uses a backlight and turns off areas of light during dark scenes. If you combine it with high dynamic range, you can get better screen resolution due to color contrast.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TVs have a more complex system. The pixels in these TVs emit their own light when electricity passes through them, instead of relying on a backlight for brightness. Therefore, pixels turn off their own color during dark scenes, so dark colors appear darker and bright colors appear stronger. This method also means that OLED devices have lower power consumption than LED TVs.

QLED (Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode) technology is specific to Samsung. Their QLED TVs use pixels that are capable of radiating many more colors with higher brightness, as they have a microscopic particle filter.

What is a SmartTV?

A Smart TV will incorporate apps, fetch services, streaming channels (like Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube) and give you access to the internet.


As screen sizes continue to shrink, there is less space for front-facing speakers on models. Therefore, we suggest investing in a model with Dolby Atmos audio (for a cinematic effect) or finding a soundbar.

What is Black Friday?

In America it is the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday in November. People take Fridays off to start their holiday shopping, and stores have been offering discounts to entice them for decades. The name is pejorative, like “Black Wednesday,” and was allegedly coined in the 1960s by police who looked forward to the annual rush of shoppers into their busy streets.

Online retailers have for a time distinguished themselves by announcing their offers three days later, on Cyber ​​Monday. By now the two events have merged into one.

When do the Black Friday 2022 sales start in the UK?

Although Black Friday is November 25th, some retailers have been offering discounts since the beginning of November. However, it’s still worth keeping an eye out for the day, as some major retailers still reserve the biggest discounts and best deals for Black Friday itself.

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