The best free agents to add before the opening of the NBA

The 2022-23 NBA season kicks off on Tuesday, and our fantasy basketball experts are here to talk about the best players they see readily available on the free agent market.

Here are André Snellings, Eric Moody, Eric Karabell, Jim McCormick and John Cregan with their best free agents to chase before it’s too late.

Adams is a constant rebounder and shot-taker who added valuable 3.4 assists per game to his repertoire last season. Adams doesn’t score much or block many shots, but only 12 qualified players scored double-digit rebounds last season, and he was one of them. Of that group, he was fifth in assists! Not every player on your roster needs to boast a fantastic advantage. Avoid rookies who won’t play and add Adams, who will instead. – Karabell

A player with Smith’s potential for stock, board, and 3-point counting deserves more attention from fantasy managers. There is certainly some mystery as to how Smith’s circle protection rates perform now that Myles Turner is back in the fold, but the longer game includes him making his debut in an unlimited role for a lottery-tied Indiana team. . For those in deeper formats, rookie winger Bennedict Mathurin (14.3%) shined in the preseason and could be surprisingly productive early in his career in Rick Carlisle’s fantasy system. – McCormick

What if I am talking about the best option, adequately sound, no regrets, low risk and medium upside? Herbert Jones or Cameron Johnson. But in my opinion, “best” translates to “higher ceiling” which means swinging for the upper deck. He had a preseason meh, but Jalen Smith is still in pole position for a breakout in the top 75. Indiana are very thin as a striker. A 24/7 threat to occupy their low post player (Myles Turner). All the signs portend a Process Tribute ™ campaign with no expectations as these jaunty young Pacers try to rack up ping-pong balls. I have a feeling that Smith will start to show more than the top 75 he knocked down in the last month of 2021-22. Its multi-category portfolio with high TS% translates well into points or roto. What if Turner gets treated at some point? Smith’s value rises even higher. – Cregan

While we don’t know exactly what the plan is for Jazz this season, we do know that Beasley is still only 25 years old and that he showed during his time with the Timberwolves at the end of the 2019-20 season and beyond throughout the 2020 season. 21 which is fully capable of scoring in volume on good percentages with excellent contributions of 3 points. During that time window, he was a player with 20 PPG points (44-47% FG), 3.5 3PG (40-43 3P%) in about 33 MPG. If Jazz starts Beasley on the wing, it could replicate or even build on those numbers this season. – Slimming down

Hyland has had a lot of excitement this off-season for the Nuggets. With an average of 14.3 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 4.3 APG and 1.0 SPG in March of last season, he finished his rookie season on a high note. He is fast forward to date, and has come to the season in excellent shape and is a serious contender for the Most Improved Player Award. With Will Barton and Monte Morris traded to the Wizards, Hyland is expected to play several minutes. – Moody

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