The best Cyber ​​Monday game deals 2022: Save on games, PC accessories and more

UPDATE: November 1, 2022, 12:30 pm EDT This listing has been updated to reflect pricing and availability as of November 1st.

  • BEST PLAYSTATION DEAL: The cave(opens in a new tab) is the latest playable slasher film from the developers of Until dawnand it’s the perfect way to spend a spooky night in… $39.99 $69.99 (save $30)

  • BEST XBOX DEAL: Elden ring(opens in a new tab) is considered by many to be the game of the year of 2022 since Dark souls developer FromSoftware — $49.50 $59.99 (save $10.45)

  • BEST NINTENDO DEAL: Splatoon 3(opens in a new tab) is the latest entry in the crazy multiplayer series and has garnered very positive reviews since its release – $55 $59.99 (save $4.99)

  • BEST DEAL PC: Samsung Odyssey G5(opens in a new tab) it’s a fantastic starting point for those wanting to try out a curved monitor — $318.24 $379.99 (save $61.75)

Black Friday is always good for gaming deals, and this year it’s already shaping up to be par (perhaps even better if we see plenty of restock on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?).

But even though you won’t be able to get a next-gen console this time around due to bots and supply chain fears, there are still plenty of game deals to get excited about.


Black Friday deals are already starting and these are the best

Expect to see lots of individual games on sale, console bundles (there were a ton of great Nintendo Switch deals in 2021), and accessories for both console and PC. As far as those next-gen consoles go, we’ll be keeping an eye out and making sure you have the most up-to-date information on resupply. Best Buy and Amazon have been particularly reliable in the restocking department recently, so we expect to see an announcement from them at some point. If you’re looking to snag yourself a new OLED Switch model during your shopping spree, you might have a little more luck, especially GameStop(opens in a new tab) had the handheld console available fairly regularly.

Check out our favorite Black Friday game deals below.

Note: All newly added offers have been marked with a . Anything with a strikeouts was out of stock or no longer available at retail price at the time of this writing, but check back often – we update this page constantly.

PlayStation offers

Because we like it

The cave is the latest game of Until dawn And Dark images developer Supermassive Games, and further expands the style of playable slasher film that its predecessors pioneered. You’ll play as a group of nine teenage counselors who are trying to get through their last night at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, making choices that will lead to their survival or untimely demise at the hands of…well, we’ll have to see.


Hardware and accessories

Xbox deals

Because we like it

If you ever enjoyed a FromSoftware game (Dark souls, Transmitted by blood, Sekiro), Elden ring it will probably be your favorite. Explore The Lands Between as your own created character (named “Tinted”), discovering hidden areas, battling dangerous creatures, and working towards the ultimate goal of repairing the shattered Elden Ring and becoming the new Elden Lord. It’s a great adventure, not to be missed in 2022.


Hardware and accessories

Nintendo offers

Because we like it

Fans of multiplayer and party games should have Splatoon 3 in their library. This unconventional four-on-four shooter pits two teams against each other (the Inklings and the Octolings) and tasks them with covering the map in as much paint as possible before time runs out. In the end, the team that painted the most grass will emerge victorious.


Hardware and accessories

PC game offers

Because we like it

Curved gaming monitors might not seem revolutionary right away, but they certainly can be. Samsung’s 100R curved panel attempts to replicate the curvature of the human eye to reduce strain and increase immersion, which makes gaming feel better. The monitor also features a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response times, AMD FreeSync Premium support, WQHD resolution, and HDR10 compatibility.

Gaming monitors

Gaming headset

Gaming mice

Gaming keyboards

How to buy game deals this Black Friday

The best shopping tip we can give you for Black Friday 2021 is to follow our in-depth coverage of the entire event (wink), but beyond that, there are a few things you can add to your repertoire to ensure you get those great deals .

First, you should make a wish list of what you hope to find on sale on Black Friday. When it comes to the gaming category, the options can get a little overwhelming and it will be easy to either a) spend more than you hoped to spend, or b) not spending any money due to a case of intense online shopping paralysis. This is especially important when purchasing individual games, so be sure to sort through your top 10 (maybe a few extras) and keep an eye out for those specific titles.

Another tip for PC gamers: If you’re planning on upgrading your rig with a new graphics card, processor, or some other component, choose them ahead of time. Things like GPUs and CPUs tend to run out Very quickly, so wasting valuable time deciding what you want after the sales have already started is ill-advised. Not sure what an update might do for your PC configuration? Spend some time on PCPartPicker to get a better idea of ​​what you’re looking for.

The rest can be said for shopping in any category on Black Friday: stay alert, stay calm, and try to enjoy the process. Download the Honey and RetailMeNot DealFinder extensions, sign up for newsletters from big retailers like Walmart and Best Buy (and our newsletter, while you’re at it), and enjoy Black Friday wins.

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