The 10 best electric bikes perfect for adrenaline lovers

Bicycles make the hearts of almost any car lover beat faster! Make them electric and you’ll have the best of both worlds! They are powerful, super fast, menacing to look at and not to mention a boon to the environment. And we’ve witnessed a torrential and exciting downpour of e-bike design at Yanko Design. Each bike was innovative, bringing us something we had never seen or experienced before. From killer speed to good looks and impenetrable safety standards, every electric bike we presented at YD broke some design barriers for us and hopefully did the same for you too. So, we’ve curated a collection of e-bikes that we believe were the best of the lot. From an electric bike that doubles as a reliable exercise machine to a Tesla bike concept with a distinctive X-factor, these electric bikes are sure to satisfy your need for speed and sustainability!

1. Electric bike model Z

Meet the Model-Z electric bike made for motorcycle lovers who want a unique lifestyle of commuting to the city without compromising the riding experience. The ride is designed to be lightweight for easy maneuverability in crowded cityscapes. The designer focuses on the distinctive visual element inspired by the likes of BMW, known for the “Kidney Grille” design or Tesla’s iconic front look, a symbol of speed and futuristic DNA.

2. The WAYRA EV-03

The WAYRA EV-03 electric cruising motorcycle is a 100% gimmick-free concept that will satisfy every type of rider, be it a cruiser enthusiast, performance lover or off-road fanatic. WAYRA EV-03 is a high-personality bike, created with the legacy of fat-bikes and cruise bikes in mind, while still having those minimal modern and eye-catching touches to create a visual appeal. The presence of the café racer aesthetic cannot be denied also for the positioning of the lowered rider. The drag racing element is evident thanks to the elongated rear, but the high ride height also exudes that motocross rider vibe.

3. Hydra

Meet Hydra, an e-bike that makes the difference. Unlike traditional electric motorcycles that rely on a powertrain that extracts energy from a lithium-ion battery, Hydra offers an alternative, much more experimental solution: hydrogen fuel cells. Although still in their infancy, hydrogen fuel cells promise absolutely clean energy. Unlike gasoline engines, fuel cells have zero harmful emissions, and unlike traditional lithium-ion battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells eliminate toxic battery acids that can potentially wreak havoc on the environment if not disposed of properly. In fact, when powered with pure hydrogen, the only by-products are heat and water (hence the name Hydra), making the technology a sustainable, zero-emission source of energy.


Discover the GYMO-FIT concept bike that has typical urban commuter vibes and a sturdy exercise bike to keep you fit. The uncertain times of the past couple of years have prompted people to indulge in fitness setups at home, which is why exercise bikes have become popular in recent times. But as I said, the enthusiasm for using this fitness equipment fades quickly. So, isn’t it a waste of money?

5. The NUPO e-sports bike

Equally edgy, cyberpunk, cold and dominant, the NUPO e-sports bike is clearly the two-wheeled spiritual successor to the Cybertruck. Conceptual two-wheelers are extraordinarily agile but not traditionally aerodynamic. He plays with volumes quite beautifully, just like the Cybertruck did, and always opts for simpler rather than complicated surfaces. Pair it with that rather cool and calculating strip of light headlight, silver paintwork, and the NUPO it feels like the electric motorcycle we wish Tesla would make already.

6. Cheng’s electric bike

Automotive designer Lin Yu Cheng was inspired by the Singing Ringing Tree sculpture in Burnley, England, which is made up of layers of steel tubes with holes in them, something like a flute. When the wind blows, a melodic sound is produced, which is what motivated him to design a bike with a resonant structure on one side. Looking more like the huge exhausts of a hyperbike, these metal pipes add a nice character to the ride. According to Lin, the sculpture-inspired design gives the electric motorcycle a soulful resonance for the otherwise emotionless engine.

7. The railway motorcycle

The railway motorcycle is a never-before-seen idea to make the life of railway personnel easier and most importantly, the safety of railway tracks 100% foolproof to avoid major accidents. After all, the lives of hundreds of people who get on trains every day depend on these checks. The idea is to have a two-wheeled dual-utility vehicle that hops onto railroad tracks for easy inspection of any fault lines, as well as a sleek bike for when not working. Yes, the suspension of this bike is made to adapt to the two very different surfaces and riding modes.

8. The DATbike

Created by Vietnam-based Carota Design, the DATbike is a conceptual dirt bike that explores a new dynamic aesthetic that challenges the status quo. It starts with an incredibly slim frame that’s for the most part essential, aside from the heavy battery at the base, and finally adds a flourish with that beautiful hollow “fuel tank” that creates an INCREDIBLY interesting silhouette!

9. The Ronin bike

It’s not often that I see a motorcycle and I instantly feel the urge to go up, wishing all the way, that somehow it meets the fruits and I could really feel the adrenaline rush. Today is the day I immediately felt a connection to this fantastic electric bike that has a great championship vibe. The race dubbed Ronin could be labeled a café racer, or perhaps a circuit race – in fact, it has no constraints as the designer imagines it as a blank canvas. Either way, this two-wheeled beauty ticks the right boxes to give car lovers those butterflies in their stomachs.

10. The EQULEUS electric mountain bike

Thinking back to what a mountain patrol motorcycle should be like, the EQUULEUS electric mountain patrol bike hints at the future of fighting crime. This two-wheeler concept is built with driving safety in mind and ample space to store all essential tools and equipment. In turn, forest rangers can patrol inhospitable regions with the utmost safety and freedom to take all essentials with them. Even better, the storage modules loaded in the different sections of the bike are completely detachable, so the cyclist can drag tools in the most organized way possible.

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