The 10 best earbuds to consider as alternatives if you are still not convinced by the AirPods Pro 2

I love a good pair of earphones! In fact, I can’t really function without my personal earphones. Once my earbuds are in, the rest of the world is out. I immerse myself in the world of my favorite tunes, away from the problems of the real world, happy in my little sound bubble. So owning an innovative and perfect pair of earphones is an absolute necessity for me, and I’m sure it is for most of the music lovers out there too. Most of us are Team AirPods through and through. And Apple recently launched AirPods Pro! And while they’re a good bet, it’s best to explore all of your options before buying them. Recall that even the great earphones go beyond Apple. And this nifty list includes them all. This collection of great designs has a pair of earphones for everyone. From the new Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds II to the science fiction-inspired wireless earbuds with case – these earbuds offer unique design solutions and are a must for audiophiles.

1. The BD-1

Check out the BD-1, a conceptual pair of TWS earphones modeled after the company’s OP-1 synthesizer. The OP-1 synthesizer became a pop culture design icon when it was used in the Swedish House Mafia’s first music video, One. It sported a sleek yet fun form factor, retro yet new and mostly clean looking without being boring. The BD-1 follows similar design cues by being relatively square and white and using colored earphones that match the colors used on the OP-1 synthesizer. The best part? The earphone case features a tiny AMOLED display that mimics that of the OP-1, displaying displays that react to the music you are listening to!

2. The Gravastar Sirius P5 gems

The Gravastar Sirius P5 gems have charging cases whose industrial designs are clearly inspired by the futuristic genre. If it wasn’t already clear from their looks, names like Defense Armor, Defense Mecha, and Defense Crystal make it downright explicit. Made of zinc alloy or a “LEGO-like material prized for strength and stiffness”, each of these cases has a distinct character that would appeal to fans of certain subsets of the sci-fi genre. Defense Armor, for example, will be at home in the hands of a Cyberpunk 2077 fan, while Defense Mecha may have its DNA rooted in Gundam or Macross.

3. Anker Soundcore Liberty 4

Realize that earphones are the first choice of athletes who want the benefits of music while training or while walking / running; Anker exploded into the market with the Soundcore Liberty 4 earphones, a desirable pair of budget wireless earbuds that advertise a built-in heart rate monitor. The pleasing Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 offers effective audio output via two dynamic drivers in each earphone. Offered in the stem form factor, the Liberty 4 comes in a black finish with translucent ear tips that reveal gold accents on the inside.

4. Logitech G adapts

In a way, the Logitech G Fits are similar to the UE Fits earphones from Ultimate Ears (a brand owned by Logitech) which boast the Lightform function that makes custom fit possible. Their list of features for gamers and power users alike makes the G Series earbuds a better option. The pill-shaped earbuds, when first inserted into the ear canals, will require the user to press a button so that the gel tips harden with flashing LEDs, resuming the shape of the ear canal in a 60 second configuration . This totally seals the cavity without causing long-term wear and tear and blocks all noise. Now, how cool is that?

5. The bored gems

Bored Buds is a concept for a pair of earphones that are not only intuitively designed, but are also multifunctional. Basically, they are earphones that are also part of a Bluetooth speaker. So when you are not listening to music using the audio accessories, they are inserted into the speakers through the protective case and act as control buttons. The speaker itself has no interface or display, so the earbuds will act as power on / off, pause / play, and volume up / down buttons.

6. The ear of nowhere (stick)

Revealed as an accessory at Chet Lo’s SS23 runway show, the Ear (Stick) appears to be a new case design for the Ear (1) gems. Unlike the old square shaped case, this one is the same shape and size as a lipstick (or if you’re looking for a less glamorous term, a nebulizer). It is incorrect to assume or hypothesize that the earbuds with the ear (Stick) are simply the oldest earbuds. As far as we know, the design hasn’t changed, although nothing has indicated that perhaps this new SKU will receive some sort of revamp in the form of a spec update.

7. The QuietComfort II earphones

Bose wants to challenge Apple with its new Quite Comfort Earbuds II. If choosing the same day for the launch of the latest true wireless earbuds wasn’t a bold enough move, the claim that they are the “best noise canceling in the world” is noteworthy. According to Bose, the earbuds are now a third the size of their predecessors and have better ergonomic comfort and a better fit. They like to call it Fit Kit. QuietComfort Earbuds II feature the CustomTune sound calibration we’ve seen in SoundControl hearing aids. While wearing the earbuds, the acoustic properties of the ear canal are analyzed, then CustomTune provides audio and active noise cancellation based on the data. This takes less than a second, right from the moment the earbuds are inserted into the ear.

8. The D-TWS earphones

The sturdy case of the geometrically designed D-TWS earphones has an on-screen display to display information such as audio play time, audio change, artist information and album art for a more inclusive listening experience. One scenario that immediately comes to mind is being engulfed in work activities on a PC and listening to music. Of course, you don’t want to keep the music application open all the time on your PC or phone. This is where this pair of TWS earbuds comes in. The earphone case (the designer indicates BOX) shows the remaining battery levels, current audio playback and other options on the touch display.

9. The Phoenix city planner

Don’t you hate when you put your AirPods in your ears just to get a notification that you forgot to charge them? Well, Urbanist Phoenix seems to have an unusually sensible solution. Featuring a Powerfoyle solar panel on the charging case, Phoenix keeps charging your TWS earbuds whenever it has access to sunlight or any bright light. However, this isn’t the first time Urbanista has incorporated solar panels into its audio solution. Just last year, the company announced the Los Angeles, a pair of wireless headphones with a solar panel built into the headband. The Phoenix builds on that rather clever idea by introducing solar panels onto the charging case instead (because the TWS earbuds themselves are too small to fit the solar panels into).

10. The free BYRD

While on the higher side, from a price point of view, Free BYRD is designed for audiophiles who want their technology to be a great mix of compact yet capable. The Free BYRD earphones feature 10mm audio drivers that deliver clear, balanced sound to the ear and also dual microphones with Qualcomm cVc ™ for crystal clear sound. For the price, you also get ANC along with Transparency mode, so you can cancel out ambient noise for clear listening or play audio from the real world directly into your ear so you’re aware of your surroundings.

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