Stray Kids becomes the second K-Pop group to rank more No. 1 in the United States

The Stray Kids are once again back at # 1 on the Billboard 200, but not with their recent champion. The South Korean boy band debuts with their new EP Maximum, which opens in first place in the ranking with 117,000 equivalent units moved. Most of that figure – 110,000 copies – are pure sales, which shows that fans of the group are eager to open their wallets and buy anything released by the group.

Maximum is the second number 1 of Stray Kids on the Billboard 200, Scoreboardthe weekly chart of the most consumed albums and EPs in the U.S. Impressively, while several previous releases of Stray Kids impacted a handful of Scoreboard rankings, such as the Top Album Sales and World Albums rankings, none have reached the Billboard 200 without going straight to the top. By grabbing another winner, the group made history and joined their home country’s most successful name in a very special club.


Stray Kids are now only the second South Korean music group of any kind to reach number 1 on the Billboard 200 more than once. They got their first leader earlier this year, in April, when Strange opened on the throne with 110,000 copies moved. Now, Maximum not only does it make them two-time winners, it has surpassed its predecessor, which means the band is getting more and more successful with each passing release.

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The only other South Korean group to reach the top of the Billboard 200 more than once are BTS, which have done so on several occasions. The septet became the first K-pop group to dominate the competitive tally in June 2018. The globally successful band has now sent half a dozen titles to the top of the chart, easily surpassing any other name from South Korea. discography now includes n. 1 Love yourself: tear, Love Yourself: Answer, Soul Map: Person, Soul Map: 7, BeAnd Trialwhich broke the record in June this year.


It’s not common for any band to get several No.1 albums in a calendar year, and that kind of hit is generally reserved for the biggest stars in the music industry. The most recent artist to run the company (before Stray Kids) was Taylor Swift, who in 2021 conquered three different peaks of the charts, such as All time, Fearless (Taylor’s version), And Red (customized version)that everyone spent at least one turn at the top of the count.

When the Stray Kids first hit No.1 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year, they became the third K-pop group to do so, following in the footsteps of BTS and SuperM. Between their initial success and the latter, they were also achieved in this venture by Blackpink, whose second album Born pink dominated the rankings in early October.

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