Spotify’s survey suggests a $ 19.99 “Platinum” plan that would include HiFi streaming

Is Spotify’s long-delayed HiFi streaming level finally approaching its debut? A survey served to at least one user suggests the company hasn’t forgotten about it and that HiFi could be plugged into a new, more expensive “Platinum” plan that would come with other benefits.

On Reddit, a former Spotify subscriber shared screenshots of a survey he was recently asked to take. The questionnaire asked if they would like to re-enter / switch to service according to new plan levels. The usual free and individual options are shown, but the survey also mentions a $ 19.99 Platinum tier that would bring back the standard paid benefits by adding HiFi and extra features called Studio Sound, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro, and Playlist Pro. The new plan would also limit commercial breaks for Spotify’s original podcast library.

I sent a message to the Reddit user who participated in the survey, who shared more details on what that entailed. The survey showed several versions of the Platinum plan. In one case, it also included access to audiobooks, which Spotify began selling in September. That theoretical plan pushed the price up further.

Spotify HiFi was originally announced in February 2021, and at the time, the company said it would launch by the end of last year. This never happened and Spotify has since gone silent on the radio about the status of the feature and refuses to provide any substantial updates.

Spotify seems determined to pay extra for HiFi

Meanwhile, Apple has brought lossless and high-resolution audio to Apple Music at no extra cost. Some believe this move caught Spotify off guard – it’s possible the company initially hoped to charge extra for premium sound – and led to the postponement of HiFi. The survey idea of ​​splitting HiFi into a more expensive plan would support this theory. Amazon Music now also includes lossless streaming in its standard subscription plan.

As for the other features mentioned in the survey, “Studio Sound” may be Spotify’s brand name for immersive Dolby Atmos / 360 Reality audio, but I’m just spitting there. It also appears that the company may reserve advanced library and playlist features exclusively for the Platinum tier. What would it be like? Better organization? Smart playlists? Are these bonuses compelling enough to pay more? We hope to know all the details soon enough.

The border reached out to Spotify for comment.

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