Setapp for iOS: everything you need to know, as a user or developer

MacPaw’s app subscription service has proved hugely popular for Mac, and the company is now investing more in the iOS platform to bring the same benefits to the iPhone and iPad.

Users pay a single monthly subscription for full access to pro versions of a wide range of apps. No ads, no in-app purchases, no upgrade fees – just a low monthly payment. It’s an interesting offer for them, and if you’re an iOS and / or macOS developer with great apps, Setapp offers you a whole new market …

Setapp for Mac was launched in 2017, with iOS apps added in 2020. The company now specifically welcomes developers who offer cross-platform apps, to further increase the reach of the service and the number of developers who can benefit from it.

A benefit for users and developers alike

The service was designed to be beneficial to both users and developers. Subscribers get a range of apps that would cost them literally thousands of dollars if they paid for each separately. Developers get a simple shortcut to a large user base and a sustainable one additional revenue stream.

Applications invited by macOS and iOS developers

The apps offered through Setapp for iOS are carefully curated to offer popular apps that perform useful tasks and deliver a great user experience.

New app applications that meet these criteria are always welcome. The great thing for a developer is that Setapp does all the work necessary to generate recurring revenue, while you can continue selling your app via the App Store just like you do today. This includes payment handling, updates, content marketing, support, and much more. Manage your individual app sales, while Setapp creates a parallel revenue stream for you.

  • Access to tens of thousands of app users
  • Predictable monthly income, with commissions starting at 10%
  • A simple and effortless way to add a subscription model to the mix
  • You get paid even if users only open your app once a month
  • Simple app review process, with response times in 24 hours
  • More opportunities likely as antitrust action reduces Apple’s app sales dominance

Some developers report earning as much with Setapp as with their own sales.

What do Setapp developers love?

No matter how big your app may be, no one will know unless you are able to show it to the intended audience. But while developers love to create and perfect their apps, many hate all the work, pain, and effort involved in their marketing.

Once your app is accepted, the Setapp team takes care of the marketing, payments, account management, update mechanism, support and more, so you can focus on the work you love.

But you don’t have to take Setapp’s word for it – just ask the developers who signed up.

“Setapp appears to have productivity pools and business users. Session is a productivity app. So we are a perfect match for each other! Setapp also sent me their stats, and they were a lot of people. “
Philip Young, Session

“Setapp not only provides a platform, but also user acquisition: it’s a win-win collaboration.”
Alexander Makhtin, Uplife

“Setapp is a revenue stream for us. We launch the app and if it solves a problem, users start using it. We don’t make any further marketing moves. Setapp does it for us “.
Ihor Stefurak, LofiGarden

Young also highlighted another benefit of bringing many new users aboard very quickly:

“Setapp has a lot of subscribers. This means I get a ton of responses if parts of the apps are missing, faulty, or confusing. If there is a problem, I fixed it, submitted a new version to Setapp (which is always approved quickly) and then waited for new responses – a tight feedback loop. Do it for a few months / throughout the year and you will get less and less feedback, getting your product closer and closer to perfection. “

How much are the developers paid?

Developers get 70% of the revenue. Plus, if you bring subscribers to Setapp, you get an additional 20% cut for those users, which means 90% in total.

How does the split between apps work?

Traditional subscription models offer you a flat fee or a scaled payment depending on the time users spend within each app.

But that’s not fair for apps that provide a really useful feature but are only used briefly or rarely. Because of this, we log every app each user uses every month, so we split the revenue equally among those developers.

How do i apply?

There are no commissions, no complicated procedures. Visit this webpage for more information, then click Get in touch button to apply.

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