Sarah Michelle Gellar Sweet Note pens for Selma Blair

During last night’s show, Selma, who has been battling multiple sclerosis for several years, performed a final dance with her partner Sasha Farber.

. @ SelmaBlair & @SashaFarber gave us a memorable night with a beautiful final performance. Thank you Selma for inspiring us with your perseverance and radiant energy. ❤️ #DWTS #MostMemorableYear @DisneyPlus

@officialdwts / Disney + / Via Twitter: @officialdwts

He tearfully explained that after doing some testing, it was in his best interest not to continue with the competition.

“I did the MRI and the results came back, and it all adds up to the fact that I can’t continue with the competition,” shared Selma. “I pushed as far as possible.”

He added: “With chronic illness, you have special considerations and my body has taken a hit. It’s too much for the safety of my bones. I could do extensive damage which, of course, I don’t want.”

Although retiring from the competition was a difficult decision, Selma had the full support of her friends, including best friend Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“Long before @dancingwiththestars I knew you were a ten, and now the world knows it. Selma, I’ve never been so proud of you (and I’m often proud of you),” Sarah wrote in a touching Instagram post.

He continued: “Make the rest of us believe that we can do anything. That we can never give up.”

Sarah also thanked Sasha for making the experience “pure joy” and for giving the gift of watching “happiness radiate from Selma each week as she took to the stage”.

“And speaking of gifts- @selmablair your love and friendship are the greatest gift. I love you Blair,” concluded Sarah.

It didn’t take Selma long to respond, calling her “the heart and soul of all great things” and thanking her for always showing up for her.

“The way this @dancingwiththestars experience with @ sashafarber1 and the whole cast … came together with real grit, JOY and determination inspired me more than I can process,” wrote Selma.

She added that she has now had “the extreme euphoria and grace of dancing on a ballroom floor” and being relieved not only of her “loves” but also of the audience.

“I was so lucky to be loved by you … I love you so much. Thank you for being by my side on another journey,” Selma added. “Here are many others. ♥ ️. I love you. Thank you.”

I wish Selma the best because she puts her health first!

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