Razer’s Edge is a crisp looking Android handheld for cloud gaming

Razer is finally showing off Edge, its portable handheld for Android gaming. Good news: it looks a lot better than the last time we saw it in December 2021. There’s a lot to say about that. The Edge will be released in a Wi-Fi-only version for $ 399.99 in January 2023, followed by a 5G-ready version via Verizon in early 2023. It will support the carrier’s ultra-broadband and sub-6GHz networks. Razer is following the Steam Deck pre-order model, allowing people to pay $ 5 to pre-order an Edge.

It is meant to be a great device for streaming cloud games via Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia GeForce Now. Razer says the Edge supports up to 144 frames per second via the Steam Link app when streaming PC games locally. The Edge runs on Android 12 with Qualcomm’s G3X Gen 1 chipset, although instead of being an all-in-one handheld like the concept shown months ago (as is Logitech’s G Cloud Gaming Handheld), it’s a tablet. 6.8 inch that can be removed from its controller. That controller, by the way, is a Kishi V2 Pro, a more feature-rich version that includes haptics and a 3.5mm headphone jack. That gamepad won’t be available separately for now; for now, it’s only available packed with Edge.

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The tablet component stands out for its specs, namely its 6.8-inch (2,400 x 1,080) OLED FHD Plus screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate. In addition to the G3x Gen 1 chipset, which Qualcomm calls “Gaming platform “, there’s 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, which should give it some speed and 128GB of storage. It features Bluetooth 5.2 for connecting headphones and also has Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, making it compatible with some of the fastest routers available, such as Google’s Nest Wifi Pro, Eero’s Pro 6E, and others.

Edge has a front-facing camera, so you can stream on Twitch while gaming or switch to a Zoom call. As for battery life, Razer shared that the Edge will have a 5,000mAh battery, so it will likely last a while if you’re only using it for cloud game streaming.

An image showing two Razer Edge tablets.  One shows it from the back without the Kishi V2 Pro attached, then the bottom shows it from the back as it is nested in the Kishi V2 Pro controller it includes.

While Edge isn’t the first of its kind, it probably won’t have a problem standing out at $ 399.99, which is just $ 50 more than Logitech’s G Cloud Gaming Handheld, which has lower specs. If Razer’s 144Hz refresh rate screen and powerful chipset deliver outstanding performance with both cloud game streaming and native Android game play, I suspect Edge will be the one to beat when released early in the year. 2023.

The Edge with Wi-Fi will be available through Razer’s website and at its RazerStores, while the Edge 5G will be available exclusively through Verizon.

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