People think they have discovered a radical secret in the Vans logo

We love uncovering the secrets of the logo here at Creative Bloq, whether it’s hidden shapes in negative space or clever typography that tells a story about the brand. But sometimes the internet comes across a completely unintended secret logo that becomes impossible to miss. And that’s what’s happening now with the Vans logo.

The shoe company logo is getting a lot of attention on social media as people keep finding it looks like something. You may want to grab a calculator if you’re still not sure what. And if you’re looking for ideas on how to develop your own logo ideas, check out our guide on how to design a logo.

The Vans logo. Not a mathematical equation (Image credit: Vans)

At first glance, the Vans logo is pretty simple, which is why, until now, no one has tried to read anything into it. It shows the brand name written in uppercase with a line extending from the V across the top of the other three letters.

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