PAN architetti combines two houses into one in the Tuscan countryside

casa duo embraces its urban and natural landscapes

In the Tuscany countryside, the Italian design studio PAN Architetti combines two adjacent ones homes in a morphological composition that seamlessly embraces its natural and urban context. born again the simplistic typology of the original historic structures, Casa DUO reveals a program that accommodates two individual families, taking into account their distinct contemporary lifestyles, while ensuring the full privacy of each section is maintained. Along the outside, the residence remains sensitive to the context, with the white street front calculation And brick facade that integrates with the surrounding urban landscape, while the rear facade opens onto an idyllic vineyard.

all images by Andrea Wyner

revealing a spatial and typological duality

Starting their restoration, The group at PAN Architetti you will encounter a simplistic typology characteristic of the modest construction that was built in Versilia between the 1920s and 1950s. In order to enhance and unite the two individual structures, the architects have generated an optimized morphological-architectural connection with a dualistic character and a contemporary internal reorganization. Facing the street landscape, at first glance Casa DUO appears as an introverted, almost ascetic house, with a minimalist stone and brick facade punctuated only by narrow shuttered windows. The back of the house, on the other hand, transforms the private relational space into an extroverted space, with large windows that integrate the structure into the natural landscape of the olive grove in front. The two residential sections exit onto a common decked patio which offers picturesque views of the landscape and crosses the “ephemeral” boundary between inside and outside.

with an introverted front and an extroverted back, casa duo di pan architetti combines two Tuscan houses into one

pan architetti combines two structures into one

Although morphologically united, the two houses remain divided by a vertical ‘acupuncture’ to respond to the different spatial needs of the two resident families. Inside Casa DUO, the design and program reveal a similar duality to its exterior. ‘If from the outside one would expect an interior typical of the old structures with load-bearing walls, once the entrance thresholds are crossed the space explodes and expands into a totally contemporary spatiality with large flexible spaces and double heights,’ writes PAN Architetti.

Defining the interior space is a minimal color and material palette, oozing natural tones and elegant textures. Practical surfaces in exposed and polished concrete, birch plywood, oak and stone are present throughout the house, the materials partly reused from the original site. By preserving the building’s old DNA and injecting it into the new, the coherent design language establishes an emotional connection between the familiar artifacts across the two sections.

with an introverted front and an extroverted back, casa duo di pan architetti combines two Tuscan houses into one

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