Ohio Senate debate live: Tim Ryan and JD Vance face off – mid-term news

Herschel Walker doubles denial that he paid for the ex-girlfriend’s abortion

Democrat Tim Ryan and Trump-backed Republican JD Vance faced off in a debate in their battle for an open seat in the Ohio Senate on Monday night.

The two have faced each other as local Democrats ask the national party for help in the belief that they can win the race despite the more conservative state.

Meanwhile, Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has insisted that a sheriff’s badge he displayed on stage during a debate on Friday is “legitimate” after being ridiculed for falsely claiming to hold official police powers. order.

Walker made the request in an NBC News interview that saw him once again deny that he had paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. He said he saw no reason to contact his accusers, who is also his son’s mother.

His remarks come the day after he skipped a debate with his opponents, leaving Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock free to ridicule an empty podium.

Meanwhile, Walker’s Georgian colleague Majorie Taylor Greene used a debate to condemn Democrats as the “child abuse” party and claimed her husband “has evidence” of 2020 election fraud.

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JD Vance avoids whether Trump should comply with the January 6 quote

The Ohio Republican Senate candidate shunned when asked if former President Donald Trump should comply with a January 6 House committee subpoena.

“I will not pretend to give the president legal advice,” Vance said, adding that it would likely be “illuminating” testimony from the former president.


Kemp tries to tie Abrams to “definance the police”

After Mr. Kemp asked if law enforcement approved it, Ms. Abrams fired back: “Unlike you, I can’t afford the luxury of relying on slogans to describe my stance on public safety. “.

Despite the “defund the police” mantra among GOP officials aimed at Democrats in this cycle, more than 83% of US law enforcement is spending more this year than in 2019.


Abrams says “I will always recognize the outcome of the election” as Kemp hits her in the 2018 election

Tonight’s debate is something of a 2018 revenge, after which Ms. Abrams did not formally concede but ended her campaign accusing unfair electoral practices and voter repression.

In office as governor, Kemp signed a restrictive election bill, joining a Republican-led national campaign to revoke access to the vote.

“I will always recognize the outcome of the election,” said Ms. Abrams. “I will never deny access”.

Kemp said the bill makes it “easy to vote and hard to cheat” in the state, a well-known GOP refrain in support of restrictive voting laws.


Tim Ryan hits JD Vance for attacks on Pelosi

Tim Ryan opened his performance in Monday’s Ohio US Senate debate by slamming his opponent, JD Vance, for his relentless attacks that attempted to tie him to Nancy Pelosi or other DC Democrats.

“If you want to race against Nancy Pelosi, go back to San Francisco and race against Nancy Pelosi,” he told Vance.

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JD Vance says Trump’s “kiss my ass” joke was a joke

JD Vance says Donald Trump claimed the Ohio Senate candidate was “kissing” his “ass” because he wanted the former president’s support so badly it amounted to a simple joke, adding that he knows Trump well and acknowledged the humor in the observation.


Debate between JD Vance and Tim Ryan begins

The Ohio Senate debate has begun between JD Vance and Tim Ryan. It is expected to last about an hour. Follow the updates in real time.


Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp start the debate

A debate between Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams and Republican incumbent Brian Kemp will begin in a moment as candidates lay out who should be the governor of Georgia.

We will have the highlights.


Herschel Walker acknowledges giving the ex a check but claims he doesn’t know if it was for the abortion

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker acknowledged in an interview with NBC News that he actually sent a check to his ex-girlfriend, but denied it was to pay for an abortion.

Kristen Welker of NBC News showed a picture of the $ 700 check she allegedly gave to an ex-girlfriend. The network spoke to the woman who purported to be Mr. Walker’s ex-girlfriend and provided a copy of the check and a receipt from the medical center in Georgia.


Obama will campaign for Democrats in Wisconsin

Former President Barack Obama is heading to Wisconsin later this month to support promising Senate Democrat Mandela Barnes’ faltering campaign, a race that could help determine who controls the upper house.

Mr. Obama, who easily won Wisconsin in 2008 and 2012, would be headed to the state on October 29 and will also campaign on behalf of Governor Tony Evers.


The poll shows Vance ahead of Ryan in Ohio

Republican JD Vance opened a small lead over Democrat Tim Ryan in the Senate race in Ohio, a USA TODAY / Suffolk University poll finds, as President Joe Biden’s unpopularity complicates the moderate Democrat’s campaign to overturn a seat held by the GOP.

Vance is up 47% -45%, a shift from Ryan’s one-point lead last month, 47% -46%. Both results fall within the survey’s 4.4 percentage point margin of error.

The Ohio race is second only to Pennsylvania as a prospect for Democrats to take a Senate seat now held by a Republican.

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