Mike Pence admits he was ‘angry’ by Trump’s tweet as rioters stormed Capitol around him

Speaking at a CNN town hall, former Vice President Mike Pence admitted he was “angry” by a taunting tweet aimed at him by Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021, as rioters – some of whom chanted “Hang Mike Pence” – are I went down to the Capitol.

Mr. Pence told Jake Tapper he would not support Trump’s new candidacy for the White House, saying he believed the US wanted “a leadership to unite” the country.

He said Trump’s “words and tweets that day were reckless” and put him and his family in danger.

He was asked how he felt when he saw images of nooses and “hang Mike Pence” signs on Jan. 6.

“It saddens me, but that day made me angry. I have to tell you that when the Secret Service took us to the loading dock accompanied by my wife and daughter, I was determined to stay put and told the Secret Service that I would not leave the capital.

“But frankly when I saw those images and read a tweet that President Trump released saying I lacked courage at the time it made me very angry but to be honest I didn’t have time for it. The president had decided in that moment that he was part of the problem and I had decided that I was part of the solution.”

And he added: “The people who rebelled against the Capitol are responsible for what they did and should be prosecuted according to the law”.

Tapper said Mr. Pence should “still be livid” at his former boss’s actions that day.

“The president’s words and tweets that day were reckless and put my family and everyone on Capitol Hill in danger and I was angry.”

And he added: “To be honest with you, I am as human as anyone and I still pray for the president and for the Grace to forgive him and all those responsible for that terrible day.”

Former vice-president Mike Pence at CNN town hall event in New York

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Former Vice President Mike Pence at the CNN Town Hall event in New York City


Mr. Pence told Tapper he didn’t know what was happening in the White House on Jan. 6 and he didn’t speak to Mr. Trump for five days after the attack.

She said she eventually met Mr. Trump in the Oval Office dining room after Ivanka Trump asked him to meet her father.

“The president looked at me and asked if Karen and Charlotte were okay, and I snapped back, ‘They’re okay, Mr. President,’ he said ‘Were you scared?’ and I said no, I was angry. I was angry about the differences we had and seeing those people looting the Capitol infuriated me.

“I heard the president was deeply remorseful at the time … I want to tell you that it was true and he was saddened by what happened.”

During town hall also in New York, Pence refused to support Trump’s third bid for the White House, announced the day before.

“The other thing I hear constantly is that the American people are looking for new leadership, leadership that unites our country around our highest ideals and that reflects the civility and respect that most Americans have for each other,” he said. .

“Once you get out of politics, you find that while our politics are divided, the American people get along quite well.

“I think in the coming days, whatever role my family and I play in the Republican Party, I think we will have better choices than my old running mate. I think the time has come for new leadership in this country that will bring us back to our highest ideals.”

Mr Pence also admitted that “our administration has not ended well”.

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