Mike Francesa blows up Bob Costas for calls in the Yankees-Guardians series

For the entire divisional division of the American League between the Yankees and the GuardiansDebates are raging over the style of broadcasting of longtime man Bob Costas.

Perhaps no one has stronger feelings on the matter of New York radio personality Mike Francesa.

After both ALDS games 3 and 4 between New York and Cleveland, Francesa posted podcasts on the BetRivers network that contained rants about Costas’ talkative broadcast style. Following a Yankees defeat on Saturday, radio host was referencing the power of Yankees winger Ryan Bader when he launched into a passionate segment on the iconic, but long-winded broadcaster.

“Costas, who won’t shut up no matter what happens,” Francesa said after Race 3. “Think every word is golden because he won’t shut up. Everything is a history lesson. We don’t need a history lesson every two seconds! Everyone is a Yankees fan. They understand the history of the Yankees. They know it back and forth. This is not a history lesson. It’s a baseball game. Silence! Play the game!

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