Maven’s brutalist wristwatch highlights beauty in simplicity with its “raw and honest” design.

Weather may be fluid, but Maven’s Brut gives it a stiff, almost cold look. Named after brutalism, the architectural style that emerged in the 1950s, the Brut watch echoes a level of raw simplicity that feels incredibly honest. As a person who doesn’t mince words and says exactly how he feels, the clock is based on being “brutally honest and brutally simple”.

I use the words stiff and cold not as derogatory terms, but rather as attributes that have their own beauty. There is beauty in stiff / cold icebergs, as there are in concrete buildings of the brutalist era. Brut echoes a similar sentiment with its blocky appearance that pays homage to the architecture seen in the UK’s post-war reconstruction. The style has been recognized as honest and simple, providing an accessible gateway for people of all backgrounds. “Over the ensuing decades, this approach to architectural design has become increasingly revered and recognized for its unexpected beauty, its honest degree of charm and unquestionable functionality,” says the Maven team.

Designer: Maven Watches Limited.

The Brut combines the two most common geometric shapes associated with watches. The body is made of sandblasted stainless steel, with a square silhouette inside which is the circular dial of the watch. Negative space is left bare, creating the perfect canvas to let the watch’s clean, brushed radial dial shine. The square also uses beveled edges to create minimal expressiveness, the kind associated with the raw functionality of brutalism.

Brutalism is associated with returning to origins, not showing opulence or excesses of any kind. The watch reflects this quite beautifully, with simple markings around the dial, a tiny date window at 3 o’clock, and just a simple Maven logo engraved in the lower right corner of the square watch body.

The Brut works with a Japanese quartz movement, encased in the stainless steel body available in silver or black anodized. The movement and dial are covered with sapphire quartz, known for its scratch resistance capabilities. The Brut comes in two styles, the silver watch body is paired with a brown Italian leather strap for a classic appeal, while the “graphite” variant is paired with a black strap to give it a consistent look.

The Brut wristwatch is the winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.

The watch’s brutalist approach also extends to the packaging, reminiscent of the simple, geometric concrete aesthetic of brutalist buildings

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