Mahindra and Abt operate as a Formula E team of four cars, says Biermaier

Having already raced in Formula E from the start of the championship until the end of 2020-21, initially with support from Audi before transforming into a factory team, Abt will return to the all-electric series next year with Mahindra customer powertrains.

However, unlike a typical producer-private relationship where the flow of technology is one-way, title-winning multinational DTM Abt has provided its technical expertise to Mahindra to propel both teams forward.

Abt has also joined Mahindra for all of his private testing days and the collaboration between the two teams has been so strong that Biermaier feels he is managing something like a factory team and not just two customer cars.

“Clearly there is a difference from being an entire producer [in the past] being a customer now, but the way we work and the way Mahindra allows us to work, to support, is quite similar [to a factory team]”Biermaier told Autosport.

“We want to develop the car, develop the test car with Mahindra. To bring input, to bring our experience of recent years, [to bring] our know-how.

“We want to provide these inputs and are quite open to our inputs. We are working as if we were our own producer. There isn’t a big difference.

“With Mahindra we join all tests with four-five-six people. This is good enough. We are working as a team of four cars ”.

ABT logo on Mahindra racing car

Photo by: Abt Sportsline

Mahindra and Abt were one of the founding teams of Formula E when the championship began in 2014, with their respective team leaders Dilbagh Gill and Biermaier developing a strong friendship over the years in the paddock.

Biermaier said his relationship with Gill was one of the main reasons Abt chose Mahindra as their powertrain supplier due to the belated decision to return to Formula E, although Gill will not be present at the start of the partnership following the its surprise break with the Indian producer in September.

“He was quite attached to Dilbagh,” he said of Abt’s connection with Mahindra. “He’s gone now, it’s a shame.

“But we had a very, very close relationship from day one and we were always in touch every season and we always had a great time together and all.

“So, it wasn’t just a partnership, it was close to a friendship.

“When we made the decision [to enter Formula E], we were rather late with the decision. There was a deadline, January 15, from the FIA. And we made the decision at the end of February.

“There weren’t that many producers giving us the chance and it was clear to us. One of the first indications went to Banbury, to Dilbagh, and she asked him if he could have us.

“And he said clearly if he can handle it with the parties, with the delivery times, with everything, yes, we will have it [the powertrain].

“So that’s why and we hope and believe that together with Mahindra, together with ZF, we can have a competitive season next year.”

Abt hasn’t used any of its private test assignment test days yet, but will be driving the car for the first time later this month.

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