Liverpool prove they still have a lot of fighting in their victory over Man City

An afternoon of pouring rain and strong emotions, of irascible and exquisite dramas, of Manchester City fallibility and, if not necessarily sparks of rebirth for Liverpool, at least signals that some heat still remains in the old embers. At the final whistle of a 1–0 Liverpool victory, Jürgen Klopp had been sent off, a refreshed Mohamed Salah had scored the only goal and City’s unbeaten record this season had vanished, leaving Arsenal leading the table by four points.

Perhaps talking about the decline of Liverpool was always exaggerated. After all, he hasn’t lost at home in the league in a year and a half. This is still, Sadio Mané aside, the team that was a week away from last season’s quadruple. Yet there had been a distinct feeling of the end of the cycle. Despite all the talk about refreshing the model, changing the attacking line and rejuvenating the midfield, there were eight players who started the defeat against Arsenal last week and who were present in the opening match of the Champions League campaign. League four years ago. This is a team that has been through a lot together, and when they do, there is always a sense that the mutual understanding that can be achieved through familiarity can combat the threat of stagnation.

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