Latest news on Liz Truss: PM ‘hanging by a thread,’ says former Tory leader

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Former Tory leader William Hague said Liz Truss’s time as prime minister “hangs in the balance,” adding that the mini-budget was a “catastrophic episode”.

Talking with Radio Times, he said: “I think the credibility may be too broad to have yet another change of prime minister.

“And it will be a very difficult process for the Conservative Party to identify, which it should do, a person to take over, you know, rather than having another three months of elections that cannot be contemplated.”

He added: “So, for all these reasons, I still hope he gets it together.”

Mr. Hague’s comments come after the prime minister named former conservative leadership contender Jeremy Hunt as the new chancellor of the exchequer earlier in the day and performed a U-turn on corporation tax.

This marked a major shift in political direction after weeks of turmoil in the wake of former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget.


Conservatives are funny, but removing Truss would make things worse, says ally

Sir Christopher Chope, a supporter of Liz Truss, said he was “desperate and utterly disbelieving” after Kwasi Kwarteng’s firing and U-turn on corporation tax.

Asked if he’d like to see Boris Johnson again at number 10, Chope said, “I’m not saying that, what I’m saying is that I think it was a mistake to get rid of him, and now we can see the consequences of that.

“But I feel that changing the prime minister again would be ridiculous. And we will be even more of a laughingstock than we already are ”.


The PM could disappear by Christmas, says David Davis

Former minister David Davis told LBC that Ms. Truss could be gone by Christmas. He said “two or three more months” of terrible polls, then the MPs will move to get rid of her.

“Many of the [MPs] with marginal seats losing their seats if this trend continues, they will be watching to see if the markets recover and, subsequently, if the poll numbers improve, “he said.

“If they don’t improve, my expectation is that those members will vote to get rid of them… and that will lead to a crisis by Christmas. Now it will depend entirely on the markets and polls ”.


Poll finds Truss failed to gain voter confidence with the dramatic turnaround

Less than one in seven voters (15%) say Liz Truss’s dramatic turnaround on corporation tax and the sacking of Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng have given them more confidence in her leadership, according to a new poll.

More than half (52%) said they were right to fire their chancellor following his catastrophic mini-budget, versus only 22% who said he should have allowed him to stay.

But seven out of 10 (71%) said Ms Truss cannot now regain the trust of the British public, including two-thirds (65%) of those who voted for Tory in the 2019 general election.


Pound falls after Liz Truss’ U-turn as IFS warns that “fragmentary” changes will not cut it

Liz Truss’s offer to calm the markets by sacking her chancellor and the U-turn on corporation tax appears to have failed as the pound fell again and the cost of government loans rose following her press conference on Friday.

Trading in sterling and gilts – UK government bonds – turned more positive on Friday after reports that parts of the Truss government’s tax cut mini-budget would be scrapped.

But the markets did not react well to the prime minister’s seven-minute appearance at number 10, in which he announced he would let the corporation tax increase from 19p to 25p and was replacing Kwasi Kwarteng with Jeremy Hunt.


Truss could disappear “in a few days or weeks”, say conservative MPs after PM leaves Chancellor

Liz Truss could be removed from office as prime minister within “days or weeks” after a failed attempt to sustain her faltering premiership by firing her chancellor and making a U-turn on one of her flagship policies, Conservative MPs believe.

The expectation in Westminster was that a group of big Tories will visit the Prime Minister, perhaps as early as next week, to inform her that the crumbling backbenches stand means “the game is over” and she should consider his position.

In dramatic scenes, Ms. Truss fired her close ally Kwasi Kwarteng, installing Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor in her place in an effort to calm the markets, before stepping in front of the cameras to announce that she will go ahead with the 6p hike. corporation tax that you had previously promised to cancel.

But her eight-minute press conference, in which she only answered four questions, was met with dismay by the Tories, one who described it as “agony” and another “terribly ugly.”

A former minister said so The independent: “He made Theresa May look like Barack Obama. She cannot communicate. She just she is not up to par. “

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Truss’s future ‘hangs in the balance,’ says the former Tory leader

Former Tory leader William Hague said so Radio Times Liz Truss’s time as PM “hangs in the balance”, saying the mini-budget was “a catastrophic episode”.

“I think the credibility may be too broad to have yet another change of prime minister. And it will be a very difficult process for the Conservative Party to identify, which it should do, a person to take over, you know, rather than having another three months of elections that cannot be contemplated. “

He added: “So, for all these reasons, I still hope he gets it together.”


Starmer: Time for general elections to end the “applauded” government.

Keir Starmer has made it clear that he thinks there should be a general election now, even if Liz Truss will not be replaced by her own party in the coming weeks.

She said The Guardian that the Tory government is “completely at the end of the road” and Labor is now preparing for power. “

“We are in the absurd situation where we are the third, fourth prime minister in six years and in a few weeks we have a prime minister who has the worst reputational ratings of any other prime minister in history,” he said.

Sir Keir added: “Their party is completely exhausted and has clapped their hands … For the good of the country we need general elections.”


Top Conservative Donor Delivered Noble Title, But Former Daily Mail Chief Paul Dacre Fails

Major Conservative donor Michael Hintze will enter the House of Lords after being named from dozens of political figures on the latest list of honors.

Mr Hintze, a British-Australian businessman, has donated around £ 4.5 million to the Tory party and Tory candidates since 2002.

Paul Dacre, the former editor of The Daily mail who remains editor-in-chief of Mail the publisher DMG Media, is not on the list, although it was previously suggested to receive the honor.

But former Labor MP Tom Watson, who was the party’s deputy leader under Jeremy Corbyn, will get a noble title after being named by leader Sir Keir Starmer.

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See how many times Liz Truss avoids apologizing for the U-turn of the tax cut


Former Conservative MPs and head of the TUC will receive life titles

The government has confirmed that Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson and the former deputy leader of the Labor Party are among those who have received life titles.

In addition to Sir Nicholas Soames and Tom Watson, others who have received noble titles include former Conservative MPs Sir Hugo Swire, Stewart Jackson, Angie Bray and Graham Evans; the Secretary General of the Congress of Trade Unions Frances O’Grady and the former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster.

Paul Dacre, the editor-in-chief of DMG Media which publishes the Daily mail And Metro newspapers, was not on the list despite having previously been suggested to receive the honor.

Noble titles are bestowed by the king on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, in addition to the advice of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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