Kyler Murray irritated by the Arizona Cardinals attacking fights

SEATTLE – The frustration with the Arizona Cardinals’ bout brains was evident after they failed to score an offensive touchdown for the second time this season and turned three-quarters down to the basket in a defeat for Sunday 19-9 at the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field.

Arizona’s defeat fell to 2-4 and his nine points were tied for penultimate place under manager Kliff Kingsbury. The Cardinals have yet to score 30 points this season and have reached 400 yards in a game only once.

Kingsbury said he has never experienced such a long time when his offense has struggled.

“No, not yet since I’ve been a coach,” he said. “Just not being able to find the rhythm as an offense, new to me. So, we will continue to work on it. From a staff point of view, look at how we can move things and, from the point of view of the patterns, look how we get better because it’s a six game view and it wasn’t good enough. “

Quarterback Kyler Murray said Arizona’s bout hasn’t been that bad since his rookie year.

“This is the last time s — it felt this hard,” he said. “We just feel it’s tough out there right now. It’s tough. That’s how it feels. A lot is self-inflicted, put it on ourselves. We need to improve.”

Murray did not go into detail on what was so difficult about the attack, but said the Cardinals continued to find themselves in difficult situations after productive spurts.

“It looks like we moved the ball, we get to a certain area, we take a long first down, the next play is seconds and ten, it’s hard to do,” Murray said. “It’s hard [place] to be in.

“We are not doing things right now.”

The Cardinals were finally able to start the kind of start they had been fighting for all season. They scored in the first quarter for the first time in 2022 on a field goal from kicker Matt Ammendola and have amassed 131 yards, 56 yards fewer than those gained in total during the first quarter throughout the season.

From there, however, the struggles of the cardinals began again. In the first play of the second quarter, they failed to convert the first of the missed three quarters down. This was where things started to go wrong, Kingsbury said.

“I felt we had to convert him,” he said. “For a reason after, it seemed like we had lost some confidence or something. [We] he didn’t play very well from then on. I have to be able to convert those in that situation and unfortunately it didn’t work out and we didn’t recover well. “

Arizona were 1 in 5 on the fourth down, not converting their top three into the field goal range. Instead of taking the points, which could have brought the Cardinals down to less than one at the end of the game, Arizona left with nothing. Kingsbury, who in the past has said that analysis typically drives his decision to go for the fourth down, said Arizona’s kicking situation took into account those decisions on Sunday.

The Cardinals were without Matt Prater for the second straight game and had no faith in his replacement, Ammendola, who reinforced Kingsbury’s decision to continue aiming for the fourth down when he lost one more point on Arizona’s only touchdown. match – – Chris Banjo’s recovery of a fumble by Seattle kicker Michael Dickson in the end zone.

“Normally we’re aggressive on the fourth down, but if Prater had been here, probably at least a couple of those would have kicked at that point,” Kingsbury said.

After the game, Kingsbury would not pledge to support Ammendola if Prater cannot play again Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints.

“We will have to discuss it,” Kingsbury said.

The Cardinals’ problems on the fourth down and in the red zone, where they were 0 for 2 on Sunday, were amplified by Murray due to how well they were able to move the ball sometimes against Seattle.

“We can’t finish,” Murray said. “I can’t finish. This is the moral of the story right now is not to finish the drives, not to put the ball in the end zone. I can’t win like that.”

After gaining 131 yards in the first quarter, Arizona only managed 184 yards for the remainder of the game.

“I have to do a better job of making sure we are doing things that we can perform at a high level and be efficient and stay on schedule and score touchdowns,” Kingsbury said. “We just fought all season. So, it starts from there, and then the execution, the routine plays we do in practice and how we do it in practice have to be carried over to matches, and right now it’s not for a reason. “.

Kingsbury said he knows immediately when one of his game calls is a “bad call,” but he also said it’s immediately obvious when something Arizona has been working on does not translate into practice. Murray agrees with Kingsbury’s assessment that the Cardinals don’t play the way they train.

“You could tell,” Murray said succinctly.

Wide catcher AJ Green attributed some of the Cardinals’ offensive problems to struggling with details.

“We’re just not doing the little things,” he said.

Murray threw for 222 yards and ran for 100 – the second time in his career he hit the 200-yard pass and 100-yard run in one game – but Kingsbury felt that Murray was still finding his pace along with the entire attack. .

“I thought he handled the ball well on some of those things we had called and a couple of times when he had to make plays, but we’re definitely not as synchronized as we have been in the past when it comes to accuracy, timing, all of those things, in the complex, ā€¯Kingsbury said. “We have to get there fast because it’s not good enough.”

Receiver Marquise Brown left the game at the end of the fourth quarter with a foot injury. In the locker room he wore a soft boot on his left foot. Brown said the x-rays were good but that on Monday he will know more about the state of his injury than he does.

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