Kriskadecor transforms aluminum chains into facade cladding solutions

Promotion: Kriskadecor’s colorful and customizable aluminum chain facade cladding solution can be used to transform building facades without impeding ventilation.

Kriskadecor is known for its aluminum chain interior products ranging from partitions and wall coverings to architectural ceiling elements.

However, the Spanish brand has also adapted the design for outdoor use, where it can make a high-impact impression as a facade cladding system that can be produced with high-definition prints, logos and images.

Presented at the Archiproducts Milano 2022 Showroom, the Kriskadecor outdoor cladding system is made up of light aluminum chains. Photo by Marcela Grassi

“The facade is the only part of the building that can be seen from the outside and has the function of communicating a message derived from its design,” said Kriskadecor. “Therefore, it deserves special attention in every detail.”

“A well-proportioned facade in terms of colors and materials, which facilitates the connection between inside and outside, will generate a first attraction for pedestrians, inviting them to enter”.

Kriskadecor describes the cladding system as “infinite creative possibilities”. The system has unlimited size and texture constraints, and there is an increasing number of color options to choose from, which are tested under sun exposure.

Kriskadecor outdoor cladding system of the Ecuador Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan
The system can be used to create highly colored and high definition projects such as the one presented in the Ecuador Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan. Photo by Marcela Grassi

The coating is also designed to have practical benefits. Provides the benefits of a sunshade by reducing heat transfer indoors from direct sunlight and allowing natural ventilation through open chains.

From the outside, the cladding looks solid and offers privacy, but from the inside the chains are easy to see beyond, so that the inhabitants of the building can still enjoy the view of the outside world.

Kriskadecor claims the system is lightweight, safe and durable, having been tested for wind gusts of 210km / h, and it is also sustainable, as aluminum is endlessly recyclable.

Kriskadecor outdoor cladding system in the Kley student residence in Montpellier, France
The system can also be used for more understated applications, such as in the silvery Kley student residence in Montpellier. Photo by WB Production

The façade system has already been used in several projects around the world, including the Can Manent school in Cardedeu, Spain, by architects Fran Fernández, Fina Frontado and Saida Dalmau, where the cladding is applied in multicolored canopy shapes to giving the building a fun, circus-like atmosphere.

This project demonstrates the possibilities of mixing different heights and layouts within a continuous cladding design, as the 80-meter-long canopy follows the shape of the building.

One of the most colorful applications was in the Ecuador Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, where architects Zorrozua y Asociados drew inspiration from traditional Ecuadorian textiles and aimed to provoke an emotional connection through the use of folkloric motifs.

Kriskadecor outdoor cladding system from Can Manent School in Cardedeu, Spain
The system can also be used to make different shapes, as in the Can Manent school in Cardedeu, Spain. Photo by Ramirò Elena

“The chain curtains offered the sensation of movement, simulating the flow of the fabrics themselves,” said Kriskadecor.

A very different approach was taken with the Kley student residence in Montpellier, France. The 11-story building features more silver and spaced chains and is intended to create a subtle veil of light.

Archikubik architects wanted the student residence to channel the look of sea anemones and chose bright silver, satin silver, pearl gentian and pearl purple to realize this concept.

Close up of the rainbow colored aluminum chain canopy of the Can Manent school in Cardedeu, Spain
The aluminum chain design protects from the sun while allowing for natural ventilation. Photo by Ramirò Elena

The Kriskadecor cladding also appears regularly on the facade of the Archiproducts Milano showroom during the Milanese design week and, more recently, it featured a mustard yellow design.

“In this case, the cladding, in addition to attracting the attention of both locals and visitors, covers the imperfections of an old building,” said Kriskadecor.

Kriskadecor’s team of experts fully customize each cladding project and provide technical, graphic and artistic support throughout the process. For more information, visit the Kriskadecor website.

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