Kevin Spacey remains composed as he finishes testifying in the sexual abuse trial

Kevin Spacey remained calm on Tuesday during cross-examination in a civil trial, repeatedly rejecting suggestions that he wasn’t telling the truth when he denied an actor’s claims that he had sexually advanced him when he was 14 in the 1980s. .

His testimony for several hours during a lawyer’s cross-examination for actor Anthony Rapp, 50, went well enough that Mr. Spacey’s attorney didn’t ask any questions after the exam was completed in the early afternoon. Mr. Rapp testified early in the trial, now in his third week. He is asking for $ 40 million in damages.

Addressing Mr. Rapp’s attorney as “sir”, Mr. Spacey did not seem upset the day after he emotionally testified that he regretted following his managers’ advice to be “friendly and cordial” in responding to Mr. Rapp’s claims in the 2017 that Mr. Spacey had chosen in 1986, when Mr. Rapp was 14 and he was 26, briefly lay down on him on a bed in his apartment.

“In my heart, I didn’t believe it happened,” Spacey said of his reaction to the claims. He said he was “terrified” and followed his handlers’ proposal for a public statement saying he didn’t remember the meeting but if it happened, “I owe him the most sincere apologies for what would have been drunk behavior. deeply inappropriate “.

“The whole thing was awful,” said Mr. Spacey.

Mr. Rapp’s claims, and those of others, abruptly ended what had been a high-profile career for the two-time Oscar-winning actor, who lost his job on the Netflix series House of Cards and saw others dry up. chance. Mr Rapp is a regular on Star Trek: Discovery and was part of the original Broadway cast of Rent.

Mr. Spacey, 63, admitted to entertaining Mr. Rapp and Mr. Rapp’s friend John Barrowman one evening in 1986 after seeing Mr. Spacey perform on Long Day’s Journey into Night. But he said that if he had a romantic interest, it was Mr. Barrowman, not Mr. Rapp, who was performing at the time in Precious Sons on Broadway.

Mr. Spacey recalled dancing with the then 19-year-old Mr. Barrowman at the Limelight nightclub and said he invited Mr. Barrowman and Mr. Rapp to his apartment afterwards to see his dog.

Once there, Mr. Barrowman and Mr. Spacey “spent a playful moment together” on his bed during a visit to the apartment that lasted about half an hour, the actor said. Mr. Barrowman testified in a partially played court deposition Monday that Mr. Rapp was in the bathroom when Mr. Barrowman and Mr. Spacey flirted briefly on the bed.

“It was a flirtatious, playful moment between two people who were attracted to each other,” Spacey said. “I was fascinated by John Barrowman.”

On Monday, Mr. Spacey testified that he was sure he had never been alone with Mr. Rapp and that Mr. Rapp’s claim that Mr. Spacey had given him an idea after a party in his apartment was not true.

“I knew I would have no sexual interest in Anthony Rapp or any child. I knew that,” Spacey said.

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