Kevin Durant opens up on Nets trade request: ‘It was about the ball’

To say this season has been a roller coaster for the Brooklyn Nets would be an understatement. Going into the season the team had the fourth-best chance of winning the NBA championship on a roster that has been loaded with high-end talent in recent years. They currently sit 12th in the East with a 6-9 record.

Kevin Durant sat down for an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report after losing to the Sacramento Kings on national television by a score of 153-121 to discuss these tumultuous past six months.

Bleacher Report, along with the basketball world, all seemed to have the same question on their minds: How much longer can Durant stand being in an environment like this?

This summer, the answer seemed to be no more as he openly asked for a trade and made his position look like Steve Nash was going as head coach or Durant was leaving. Neither ended up happening in the offseason.

Now Nash is gone but the Nets are still looking for a spark to keep them going and push them to be playoff contenders.

“That’s what I said last summer. I didn’t feel like we had those things last year like good preparation, great energy to start real team chemistry, and I feel like we’re building that right now. We have some guys in and out of the lineup but I think the guys have figured out their roles within this. And it was fun, regardless of games like tonight,” Durant told Bleacher Report

When he’s referring to people in and out of the set list it’s not hard to figure out who he’s talking about. Kyrie Irving is currently serving an Internal Team suspension for tweeting about an anti-Semitic film and failing to properly apologize for those actions. Ben Simmons was a shell of his former first-team All-Star and All-Defense and continues to battle injuries along with what many consider a lack of desire to play.

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Durant knows many nights he’s marooned on an island where teams can focus on stopping him and now there’s not much around to make up for it.

“See our initial lineup. Edmond Sumner, Royce O’Neale, Joe Harris, [Nic] Claxton and I. It’s not disrespect, but what do you expect from that group? Durant asked about B/R. “You expect us to win because I’m out there. So if you’re watching from that goal, you expect us to play well because the number 7 is out there. Durant said.

Although the media and executives around the league have often pointed out and thought he must be miserable in his current situation, Durant says he is quite the opposite and is enjoying his time with the team, mentoring younger players and he just wants to play basket at the end. of the day.

While it’s his prerogative to simply want to train more, drill more, and just play basketball, the fact remains that he’s one of the best players and talents this league has ever seen, and people have high expectations for what he and his team should achieve.

While Durant has made it abundantly clear that he couldn’t care less what other people think of him, we’re left wondering: Is this really how Kevin Durant’s story will end? Leaving the Golden State Warriors dynasty to play with a good friend in Kyrie Irving, but then being surrounded by drama and lack of team success during his tenure in Brooklyn.

Can this team turn the tables? Can Durant be the leader of a team at the league level? It’s only November, but time is running out on these Nets and Kevin Durant to right the ship.

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