Kelly Rowland answers Beyoncé’s comparison question

She’s a singer, dancer, and someone you can always count on to look after you.

And she is FION. Like, it doesn’t make sense:

So whenever anyone feels the need to compare her to Beyoncé, it always makes me cringe.

Unfortunately, it happened again Wednesday on Hot 97, when radio host Peter Rosenberg opened up about his music career in an interview and how he’s always sounded “second to Beyoncé.”

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But Kelly had the best response, reminding Peter that he’s a star in his own right.

“Here’s the thing,” she began, “light attracts light. I am light. , I think this is the moment where it shows how weak they are of themselves”.

“So I no longer get someone else trying to dim my light for someone else,” Kelly continued. “I love Bey, I know she’s a light. But I know I’m a light too. … We both shine together.”

But they were also embarrassed and annoyed that those confrontations are still going on:

Kelly Rowland WAS a child of her own as a person and an artist, so the fact that we’re still having this conversation in 2022 is very embarrassing. I also feel that some people in the industry are very shit at what they do, they need to do their homework and ask better questions.


I’m starting to dislike watching Kelly Rowland interviews, not because of her, but because the interviewer always has to talk about Beyoncé. i get it.. we all love her but its so counterintuitive. grateful for Kelly’s grace and positivity but come on, ask for new things!

Twitter: @kalikgood

I know you are not trying to disrespect Kelly Rowland 5 Grammy Winners 4 Ascap Winners 2 Billboard Winners And one of the originals of the iconic group called Destiny Child Kelly Rowland!?!?!? Act like you know who you’re talking to!

Twitter: @lovehoneykisses

It’s so bizarre to downplay Kelly Rowland. Like when I saw the child of destiny, I wanted to be HER. How I resonated with her as a Black kid is something I can’t even put into words. It’s so precious to me. And she remains inspirational and kind every time I see her.

Twitter: @YungSara

If you’re interviewing a legend like Kelly Rowland, ask her what it was like to get funding for her various albums while signed to major record labels, what it was like to operate in electronic/dance music as a black woman in Europe, etc. ask her!!

Twitter: @aChildOf2Worlds

Despite the backlash, Kelly continued to keep it classy, ​​tweeting this positive post this morning:

Have the most amazing day in Twitterville!!! Thank you all for your Love & Support! I know you’ll have my back! And that made me dance happily this morning! Show me your happy dance!! Here’s mine!


And that’s just another reason we tire her out!

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