Kanye West lashes out at “heroin addict” Pete Davidson and says Trevor Noah “doesn’t even come from America, he just looks black”

Kanye West hit Kim Kardashian’s “heroin addict” ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson and talk show host Trevor Noah in his latest wild outburst.

The rapper made a series of disparaging comments during an appearance on the Drinking samples podcast on Saturday with rapper NORE and DJ EFN.

And he even blamed the “Jewish Zionists” for Kim Kardashian who talked about having sex with Davidson in an episode of her family’s reality TV show Hulu.

West, who has been widely criticized for a series of anti-Semitic comments over the past week, defended himself in the podcast.

“We Jews, so I can’t be anti-Semitic,” he told the hosts before turning his attention to former alum SNL Davidson.

“The 78 media outlets that called me a molester when I was trying to get that heroin addict away from my children who tattooed my children’s names on him, Skete, Pete Davidson …” West said.

Davidson has talked about his struggles with drugs and borderline personality disorder in the past.

He then attacked The daily show guest Noah, who is originally from South Africa.

On his March program, Noah turned to West who “harassed” Kim Kardashian online as their relationship broke up, and in turn West directed racist slurs against him and was banned from Instagram.

“Trevor Noah, not even from America, he just looks black, right? I have to say, yo, Kim is going to get dangerous, he put all that ‘that’s so crazy, that’s so OJ’. Nori just wants the family to come back together, I just want the family to come back together, Kim is a Christian… ”he said.

West then referred to Kardashian as saying about a recent episode of Hulu The Kardashians that she and Davidson had sex in front of a fireplace in homage to her grandmother.

“It’s the Jewish Zionists talking about that life, telling this Christian woman who has four black children to post it as a message in the media,” she said.

And he added: “When I drive and see those Hulu and JP Morgan commercials, I’ll let you know right away that the devil is a defeated enemy.

“You can’t poison me, you’ve already fucked me so much, you’ve already looked at me black, you’ve already made everyone think I’m crazy, you’ve already taken my family away, you’ve already separated all my friends, I don’t have famous friends”, he said.

West’s latest statements have been the subject of widespread criticism on social media.

“Kanye West and Donald Trump are engaging in open anti-Semitism. This should tell you everything you need to know about the politicians who are praising them right now, ”Citizens For Ethics tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote, “When it comes to awareness of black problems and the plight here in America, Trevor Noah has done more for blacks than Kanye West in many recent years.”

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