Judge Rules Plaintiff in New Deshaun Watson Case Must Include Her Name to Proceed | News, scores, highlights, stats and rumors

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A judge ruled Monday that plaintiff who filed the latest civil suit against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson must include her name in the lawsuit in order for it to proceed.

According to ESPN’s Sarah Barshop, Judge Rabeea Sultan Collier delivered the sentence in an emergency hearing held at the 113th Harris County, Texas, District Court. The lawsuit was filed under Jane Doe.

Fox8.com’s Peggy Gallek, Ed Gallek and Jordan Unger reported last week that the lawsuit was filed Thursday over a December 2020 meeting where a woman said Watson “pressured her for a sexual act. when she met him to give him a massage. “

Between March 2021 and June 2022, attorney Tony Buzbee represented women who filed 24 lawsuits, of which 23 have been settled, against Watson accusing him of sexual misconduct or sexual assault during massage therapy appointments, however, the latest lawsuit it was brought by two other lawyers and unrelated to the precedents.

Barshop explained that 22 other women filing lawsuits against the Clemson product were ordered by two judges to amend their petitions to include their names in April 2021.

Attorney Anissah Nguyen said the latest plaintiff “struggled with everything. It took her some time to come forward. She’s doing it for herself and for other women who have been victimized by Deshaun Watson.”

Attorney Michelle Kornblith was concerned that her client’s name would go public even though she could give it to the defendant.

“We actually have no problem letting them know who our plaintiff is, but we would like to request a confidentiality order or a protection order,” Kornblith said. “We are already receiving hate e-mails and mails from the time this was filed and we are concerned about his safety. And as I said, we have no problem telling him who the plaintiff is, as long as we know he will be safe.”

Two previously separated grand juries had refused to pursue criminal charges against Watson, which the Browns had acquired via exchange from the Houston Texans and then signed for a fully guaranteed $ 230 million contract extension for five years.

While there were no criminal charges, the NFL and the NFL Players Association reached an agreement for an 11-game suspension, a $ 5 million fine, and mandatory treatment programs as punishment for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

“Watson’s status remains unchanged,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Friday. “We will monitor developments in the new litigation; and any conduct that requires further investigation or possible additional penalties will be addressed as part of the Personal Conduct Policy.”

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