Judge for Special Questions for Master’s Review Trump’s Claim of Privilege: NYT

  • Trump’s attorneys have claimed attorney-client or executive privilege over the documents seized by the FBI.
  • A judge has decided to appoint a special teacher who can review documents to check for inside information.
  • The special commander said there has been insufficient evidence of inside information so far.

A judge who was appointed special teacher to review thousands of White House documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago in August, challenged the former president’s legal claim of privilege on certain records on Tuesday. according to the New York Times.

Trump and his lawyers have said the documents are protected by attorney-client or executive privilege, therefore, blocking the Justice Department’s access to certain documents for its criminal investigation into Trump’s handling of sensitive government documents.

But so far, Judge Raymond R. Drearie, the special teacher, said in a hearing that the batch of documents he examined lacked sufficient evidence to support the privilege claim, the Times reported.

“It’s a little disconcerting as I go through the log,” Dearie said, according to The Times. “What is the expression: ‘Where’s the beef?’ I need beef. “

Drearie’s doubts revolved around a small set of records that the Justice Department had already sidelined from the largest hoard of documents seized at Trump’s resort, according to The Times.

In one case, Drearie challenged how Trump’s lawyers might claim that a document was Trump’s personal property, also arguing that it is protected by executive privilege, which is reserved for government documents only.

“Unless I’m wrong, and I’ve been wrong before, there’s definitely an inconsistency there,” Dearie said at the hearing.

Drearie’s concern is the latest obstacle to the document scandal for Trump, who hoped to undermine the Justice Department’s investigation and minimize the severity of the acquisition of confidential documents, some of which may involve national security intelligence.

In September, Drearie requested evidence showing that FBI agents had entered documents in Mar-a-Lago or that the former president had declassified documents with highly sensitive information, Trump claimed. Judge Aileen M. Cannon subsequently canceled Drearie’s request for information.

Trump’s attorneys have also raised issues with finding a vendor to digitize thousands of documents so they can be reviewed by Drearie. They argued in a court filing that they can’t find a salesperson willing to do the job and that the deadlines for delivering the documents were too strict.

Judge Cannon extended the deadline to complete the special master’s review by December 16.

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