Håndverk + presents design and handicraft objects at Galleri Format Oslo

Giant flower sculptures, a chair made of tree trunks and a series of mini drinking troughs are all featured in a design and craft showcase at Galleri Format Oslo.

The Oslo gallery presents the fifth edition of Håndverk +, an annual project that brings together emerging designers and makers to create experimental objects.

Nora Kielland presents A New Alphabet, a series of large tulip sculptures

The exhibition presents 19 projects, each designed to respond to the theme of Transformation. Some explore a transformation through materials or processes, while others refer to body movements or changes in nature.

Among the most eye-catching pieces in the exhibition are Nora Kielland’s tulip sculptures, which she created using clay, plaster and chicken wire.

Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng and Marthine Spinnangr in Håndverk at Galleri Format Oslo
The Palucca chair by Marthine Spinnangr joins the wooden sculpture by Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Roundabout

Marthine Spinnangr’s highly structured terracotta chair takes its cue from dance movements, while Kaja Dahl and Njål Andreassen present an object that could be a seat or table, made up of two pine logs.

Smaller items on display include Guri Sandvik’s multi-tone clay bowls, which are inspired by traditional Norwegian drinking troughs, and a trio of wooden plates from Jenkins & Uhnger.

Guri Sandvik in Håndverk at Galleri Format Oslo
Guri Sandvik’s Trough bowls are inspired by old Norwegian drinking troughs

The Norwegian design collective Fold Oslo has produced a playful collection of hooks and handles, all made from waste material from the Linaker furniture workshop.

One of the members of the collective, Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, also contributed a suspended wooden sculpture with unique motifs in its grain.

It was made with sour birch, which is wood harvested after it fell and was already attacked by a fungus.

Also using waste wood, Fredrik Bull and Ali Shah Gallefoss collaborated to create abstract furniture that interlocks thanks to zigzag surfaces.

Fold Oslo in Håndverk at Galleri Format Oslo
Fold Oslo presents One-Two Wooden Pegs, a series of hooks and handles made with wood scraps

The only textile work on display comes from Elisabeth Stray Pedersen, founder of the fashion brand ESP, who transformed fabric scraps into multipurpose garments. Her models include a jacket that doubles as a blanket and a seat cushion that can be used as a bag.

Other works include Anette Krogstad’s ceramic flowers and the aluminum reinterpretation of Ytre’s traditional milk stool.

Elisabeth Stray Pedersen in Håndverk at Galleri Format Oslo
Elisabeth Stray Pedersen has created multipurpose textile objects

Exhibition curator Kirsten Visdal said the goal behind the Transformation theme was to tap into “the political and social changes that undoubtedly affect how we express ourselves through aesthetics and function”.

“There is a risk in upsetting something abyss when we touch what is ingrained, safe and traditional,” he said.

Jenkins & Uhnger in Håndverk at Galleri Format Oslo
Gain is a series of plates by Jenkins & Uhnger that explore geometric transformations

“At the same time, transformation is a tool that allows us to pay homage to cultural heritage, creating new interpretations, new stories and new objects to carry on the tradition,” he continued.

“This allows for a new identity and new safe spaces for future generations.”

Håndverk + is on display at Galleri Format Oslo from 22 September to 30 October 2022. Consult the Dezeen Events Guide for an updated list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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