“God of War Ragnarok”: How to upgrade Draupnir

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the endgame elements of God of War Ragnarok.

Go where the wind blows.

In the 2018 God of War restartKratos ended the game with two sweet weapons: the icy Ax of Leviathan and the searing Blades of Chaos. In the recently released sequel God of War Ragnarokhe eventually ends up with a third weapon called the Draupnir, a wind-based spear seriously fun to use due to its high speed and long range capability.


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Draupnir’s only quirk is that it’s strangely difficult to find the items needed to upgrade the weapon. Instead of banging your head against the Norse mythology-inspired wall, let me clarify Draupnir’s strange upgrade path for you.

How to find Gale Flames to power up Draupnir God of War Ragnarok

Just like the other two weapons, Draupnir’s skill tree doesn’t fully open until you upgrade the weapon to a certain level. In this case, you need to reach level 7 to unlock all of his skills. You can keep going up to level 9, but all it does is beef up its base stats. To level up the spear, you need items called Gale Flames. One Gale Flame equals one level.

This is tricky because Ragnarok it doesn’t just give out Gale Flames at the same rate, it gives out upgrade items for the other two weapons. You’ll get one at the end of the main story (when you fight the two valkyries in Muspelheim), but you’ll need at least one more to reach level 7 with the spear. Here’s where to look.

Fellow berserkers

Prepare for pain.
Credit: Playstation

To begin, fast travel to the area known as The Applecore in Svartalfheim, but only after obtaining the sword hilt that unlocks the Berserker Gravestones side quest at the end of the game. You will see a gravestone icon on your map near the center of the nearby Jarnsmida Pitmines area.

This will start a fight against not one, but two pissed off berserker friends. I won’t lie: it might be better to wait until after you finished the main story. These guys are jerks and only a sufficiently leveled and equipped Kratos will come out on top. Thankfully, you don’t actually need to fight these guys if you just want to unlock Draupnir’s entire skill tree. Go ahead and skip this one if you want.

Malicious mischief

Fire eating animal in God of War Ragnarok

Stop that!
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The next one is much easier and will take us to the pleasant jungles of Vanaheim.

Fast travel to the eastern plains area of ​​the map after unlocking the ability to go to the crater and turn day into night in Vanaheim. Use the pedestal right next to the fast travel point to make it nocturnal and look out over the plains directly west of it.

You should see some bright clumps violently feeding on the local wildlife. There are three in total and they are all quite close to each other. Use the Blades of Chaos to extract the three will-o’-the-wisps from the animals and prepare for battle. A mission waypoint will guide you to a circular plate in the center of the area, which will spawn a Flame Phantom miniboss.

At this point, you’ve already fought at least one of these guys. Be patient and hit the glowing orb when it’s vulnerable. Once the Phantasm’s stun gauge fills up, destroy one of the nearby glowing monoliths, which will take a huge chunk out of his health bar. These are very visible at night so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them. The only caveat is that you’ll have to throw your spear at a couple of them because they’ll be out of melee range, but that’s not a problem.

Do this a few times and the boss will fall off without too much trouble. Drop a Gale Flame, bringing you closer to glory.

Tear the worms out of the portals

God of War Ragnarok Worm Portal

Put your fist in there for good luck.
Credit: Playstation

Finally, after getting the spear, talk to Ratatoskr near Sindri’s house to get a side quest to retrieve some rebel worms hidden in Yggdrasil portals in the nine realms. This one is simple: he finds all six worms and you get a Gale Flame.


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These portals appear on your map as small swirl-shaped icons. I’ll leave the worm hunting to you, but just know that there are only four of them in Svartalfheim, while the other two hide out in Vanaheim. They’re really not hard to find, and you don’t even need to fight tough enemies or anything to catch them. It’s as simple as walking up to a portal and pressing a button.

I’m sure some of these side tasks seem annoying, but the good news is that you only need to do one (besides the Gale Flame you get from the main story) to unlock Draupnir’s entire skill tree. Happy hunting, players.

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