Feel like a ninja master in the kitchen with these black kitchen knives

When you’re chopping and slicing ingredients for your next dish, the look of your knife may be the least of your worries as long as it’s sharp and effective. Experienced (and not to say well-funded) chefs may have their favorite knife set that is almost always on display due to their looks, but most people probably don’t have access to such exquisite tools, especially since most part of the kitchen knives aren’t exactly designed to look elegant. It’s almost as if there is a dichotomy between function and design, and you just have to choose one or the other. Not so, of course, and these pretty kitchen knives prove you can have a sharp edge with a sharp look to go along with it.

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Since kitchen knives always get stained and dirty, some people probably don’t care what they look like until they get the job done. This kind of mindset has been pervasive in many industries, but it is also slowly changing to become more aware of design and aesthetics. With many office and craft tools becoming more visually appealing, it’s really only a matter of time before the humble kitchen knife gets its time in the spotlight.

NiNJA’s stylish kitchen knives are sure to attract attention, particularly with their black blades. A color that has always been associated with elegant and sophisticated looks, gives knives a simple yet effective update when it comes to looking beautiful and modern. There is hardly any other embellishment on the blade other than the discreet “i” logo, which removes any potential distraction. Like a ninja hiding in the shadows or a secret agent dressed in black, these knives stealthily move to kill, cutting ingredients with precision and grace.

Dark knives aren’t just for show, of course. The blades are made of molybdenum vanadium steel, known for its extremely durable sharpness, and is coated with titanium for increased wear resistance. The knives are made in Seki in Japan, a city steeped in the artisan tradition of the Japanese sword and is one of the world producers of knives. Unlike mass-produced kitchen knives, however, each blade in this collection is crafted one by one by a skilled craftsman, offering a level of quality beyond what you would see and experience from dull looking knives.

Whether you’re chopping meat with the Santoku, chopping rock with the Gyuto or peeling vegetables with the Petty, these dark knives will allow you to slice your food preparation like a master swordsman. And whether you’re still in the midst of your fanciful hand movements or finished cleaning up and setting aside your weapons, these stylish blades are sure to make you the center of attention and envy of others with sharp but boring cutting tools. .

Click here to buy now: $ 79 $ 99 (20% discount at the checkout). Hurry up, the deal expires on October 20th.

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