Fantasy Football Week 7 Running Back Preview: DFS games, projections and more


Ezekiel Elliott has exactly 10 Fantasy points per game and enters week 7 as running back no. 38 in Fantasy Football per game. This is one more point than his teammate Tony Pollard. As someone who called Elliott a preseason failure, I didn’t expect the results to be this bad either. I also expect them to start improving in week 7.

Part of this only pertains to Elliott’s upcoming schedule. In week 7 he faces a Lions defense that has given up on second place in the number of Fantasy points for running backs. The following week he will face a Bears defense that has given up third yards and fastest touchdowns this season. In week 8 it’s a Packers defense that ranks last eight against running in just about any metric you can measure.

Of course, the fact that Elliott is filming Dak Prescott doesn’t hurt a thing either. This Cowboys offense was one of the last 10 units without Prescott, and I would expect a big increase in scoring opportunities now that they have their starting quarterback. This helps Elliott more than Pollard because he has 39 attempts to run in the red zone since the beginning of last year compared to Pollard’s only 19.

Carry and touchdown will be important for Elliott, because he does next to nothing in the passing game. For this reason, it is a much better option in non-PPR.

With the upcoming program and Elliott’s low value now, this could be a situation where you buy low, start it for a month, and then sell high.

Now let’s move on to the rest of the week 7 RB preview:

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